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नवोदय विद्यालय समिति

Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti

( An Autonomous Body Under Ministry of Education ) Government Of India

School Administration Circulars

S.No. Title Publish Date File Type / File Size Download
1 Weekly off to teachers 12-07-2024 NA/ NA
2 Functioning of Tuck shop in JNVs 24-06-2024 NA/ NA
3 Hiring of Vehicles for JNVs 19-06-2024 NA/ NA
4 Ensuring standardization of facilities in JNVs 11-06-2024 NA/ NA
5 Engagement of Two Hostel Superintendents on contract in 20% JNVs on pilot basis. 03-06-2024 NA/ NA
6 Activities to be taken during summer vacation ensuring maintenance and upkeep of campus 28-05-2024 NA/ NA
7 Enhancement in provisions of expenditure on various items of students' assistance w.e.f. 1st April, 2024 05-04-2024 NA/ NA
8 Regarding suspension/sending students at home/TC issue 08-03-2024 NA/ NA
9 USIEF 2024 Fulbright DAI program for school teachers-reg. 07-02-2024 NA/ NA
10 Submission of Nomination for Japanese Government Scholarships (MEXT) programme for school Education teachers in the Academic Year 2024 reg. 15-01-2024 NA/ NA
11 Staff Position in JNVs 12-12-2023 pdf/ 856KB
12 Utilization of Vidyalaya Vikas Nidhi reg. 11-12-2023 pdf/ 895KB
13 Updation and scrutiny of information on UDISE plus portal -Reg 30-08-2023 pdf/ 879KB
14 VVN Exemption for CWSN Students 19-07-2023 pdf/ 766KB
15 Revised rates of students expenditure" w.e.f. 1st April, 2023 10-07-2023 pdf/ 2195KB
16 Matrons in Navodaya Vidyalayas 07-07-2023 pdf/ 2243KB
17 Extending outsourcing of House keeping and security services in all JNVs 26-06-2023 pdf/ 601KB
18 Using Mobile Phone in JNVs campus reg. 25-05-2023 pdf/ 90KB
19 Swachhta Pakhwada 2023 17-05-2023 pdf/ 6140KB
20 Organizing Health Club in JNVs 11-05-2023 pdf/ 5292KB
21 Condemnation of Vidyalaya Vehicles - adoption of Revised Rules of Govt. of India 19-04-2023 pdf/ 9813KB
22 Vidyalaya Advisory committee meeting 17-04-2023 pdf/ 509KB
23 Office Order regarding caring of students having Type-I Diabetes Mellitus 11-04-2023 pdf/ 647KB
24 Exposing students of JNVs to various skills 24-11-2022 pdf/ 132KB
25 Use of Air Conditioners in Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas 16-08-2022 pdf/ 41KB
26 Prevention of ragging and bullying in JNVs 09-08-2022 pdf/ 687KB
27 Ensure cleanliness and upkeep of JNVs 09-08-2022 pdf/ 169KB
28 Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti (allotment of residence)rules, 04-08-2022 NA/ NA
29 Regarding duties of House Master / Associate House Master of JNVs 29-07-2022 pdf/ 46KB
30 Implementation of guidelines for outsourcing of Manpower in ROs and JNVs -reg 29-07-2022 pdf/ 135KB
31 One student one tree campaign. 29-07-2022 pdf/ 59KB
32 One student one tree campaign. 12-07-2022 pdf/ 59KB
33 Implementation of guidelines for outsourcing of Manpower in ROs and JNVs -reg 12-07-2022 pdf/ 135KB
34 Regarding duties of House Master / Associate House Master of JNVs 12-07-2022 pdf/ 46KB
35 Allotment of staff quarters rules 26-05-2022 NA/ NA
36 Revised procedure for condemnation and disposal of articles in JNVs 20-04-2022 pdf/ 2070KB
37 Hiring of vehicles for JNVs 19-04-2022 pdf/ 222KB
38 Ban on single use plastic 08-04-2022 pdf/ 66KB
39 Guidelines for the conduct of internal assessment / Practical / Project, Term Exams and Term-wise Syllabus for Classes IX to XII 28-01-2022 pdf/ 1556KB
40 Assessment Pattern and Evaluation Practices for Class VI to VIII (Session 2021-22) 28-01-2022 pdf/ 1338KB
41 Guidelines for Effective Use of Classrooms, Laboratories and Open space for Learning 19-01-2022 pdf/ 1281KB
42 Utilization of vacant staff quarters in JNVs. 10-01-2022 pdf/ 185KB
43 Facility for Principal Employer to view EPF compliance of their contractors & contract workers 22-12-2021 pdf/ 95KB
44 Re-opening of JNVs for all classes 10-11-2021 pdf/ 1209KB
45 "PM CARES" for Children Scheme 14-10-2021 pdf/ 8917KB
46 Installation and maintenance of CCTV Cameras in JNVs 12-10-2021 pdf/ 1897KB
47 Re-Opening of JNVs 26-08-2021 pdf/ 811KB
48 Celebration of Hindi Pakhwada 2021 25-08-2021 pdf/ 715KB
49 Facilities for CWSN in line with provisions of Inclusive Education 11-08-2021 pdf/ 3901KB
50 Issue of Marks Sheet, Transfer Certificate, Character Certificate etc of Student of Class XII (2020-21)-reg 10-08-2021 pdf/ 1483KB
51 Guidelines for outsource of manpower in ROs/NLIs/JNVs 23-06-2021 NA/ NA
52 Earned Leave in lieu of duty performed by the vocational staff during the vacation/breaks - clarification thereon 23-06-2021 pdf/ 1273KB
53 Enhancement in provisions of expenditure on various items of students assistance 09-06-2021 pdf/ 158KB
54 Strengthening of the first line of medical assistance facilities in JNVs 09-06-2021 pdf/ 125KB
55 Relief to the students who have lost their parents/guardian/earning members of the family 09-06-2021 pdf/ 498KB
56 Retention of accommodation 09-06-2021 pdf/ 106KB
57 Ensuring no wastage of mess grocery items 05-05-2021 pdf/ 435KB
58 Preparing students of class XII (Session 2020-21) for CBSE Board Examination 27-04-2021 pdf/ 1633KB
59 Re-Opening of JNVs 05-02-2021 pdf/ 1478KB
60 Admission Notification of National Institute of Fashion Technology 19-01-2021 NA/ NA
61 Installation and maintenance of CCTV Cameras in JNVs 18-01-2021 pdf/ 366KB
62 Earned Leave in lieu of duty performed by vocational staff during the vacation/breaks-clarification thereon 18-11-2020 pdf/ 1032KB
63 Earned Leave in lieu of duty performed by vocational staff during the vacation/breaks-clarification thereon 09-11-2020 /
64 Re-Opening of JNVs & SOP 29-10-2020 NA/ NA
65 A Complete Career Guide (Formerly Parents' Handbook of Careers after School) 01-10-2020 pdf/ 5415KB
66 Outsourcing of casual labour / contract labour services 22-09-2020 pdf/ 878KB
67 Providing Psychological Support, Career Counseling, Man ki Baat Box and Conduct of PTM 27-08-2020 pdf/ 512KB
68 Telecounseling service by CBSE through toll free number 1800118004 � communication to all the students 18-07-2020 pdf/ 364KB
69 Swachh Bharat Short Film by the National Geographic Channel 17-07-2020 pdf/ 3239KB
70 National Awards to Teachers 2020 � Revised Guidelines, timelines and initiation of selection process 26-06-2020 pdf/ 221KB
71 National Award to Teachers 2020 18-06-2020 pdf/ 1997KB
72 Arrangements to be made for smooth conduct of Class-XII CBSE Examination in pending subjects 17-06-2020 pdf/ 324KB
73 Navodaya Alumni 14-06-2020 NA/ NA
74 Reporting of Vacational Non-Teaching Staff and Protocol for beginning online classes to ensure smooth conduct of academic activities of the session 2020-21 14-06-2020 pdf/ 274KB
75 Conducting online classes- Further guidelines 14-06-2020 pdf/ 77KB
76 Opening of JNVs after summer vacation - Action to be taken 02-06-2020 pdf/ 748KB
77 Appeal to voluntarily switch off lights 05-04-2020 pdf/ 91KB
78 Mental well-being of students during and after COVID-19 outbreak 05-04-2020 pdf/ 490KB
79 Around 400 Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas will be available for isolation / medical camp for Conona cases. 28-03-2020 pdf/ 88KB
80 Instructions given to Regional Offices and Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas 27-03-2020 pdf/ 50KB
81 Tele-counselling services to the students and parents of JNVs 25-02-2020 pdf/ 315KB
82 Instructions regarding the harmful effects of E-Cigarettes and such devices 30-12-2019 pdf/ 424KB
83 Regarding promoting the purchase of environment friendly recycled paper 30-12-2019 pdf/ 149KB
84 Special drive launched by department of posts for opening Sukanaya Samriddhi Accounts scheme 04-12-2019 pdf/ 168KB
85 Dissemination of information and display of the latest Political Map of India 04-12-2019 pdf/ 178KB
86 Admissions in UG and PG Degree Programmes in National Institute of Fashion Technology 14-11-2019 NA/ NA
87 Complaint received through Grievance Portal 23-10-2019 pdf/ 172KB
88 JNV Visit Report Format 15-10-2019 pdf/ 769KB
89 Contractual Agreement and Duties & Responsibilities of the Counselors 14-10-2019 pdf/ 566KB
90 Compensatory allowance to staff nurse of JNVs 04-10-2019 pdf/ 585KB
91 Regarding leave credit in the account of employees working in the Vacation Department 08-08-2019 pdf/ 656KB
92 Public Procurement of goods and services 02-08-2019 pdf/ 912KB
93 Reimbursement of telephone bills to Principal of JNVs 16-07-2019 pdf/ 216KB
94 Click here for applying for engagement as Counselor on contract basis 11-07-2019 NA/ NA
95 Click here for detailed notification for engagement of Counselor on contract basis 11-07-2019 pdf/ 890KB
96 Revision of Ex-gratia payment to the parents of deceased students in JNVs 14-06-2019 /
97 Revision of DA to JNV students during journey 14-06-2019 /
98 Clarification regarding Vidyalaya Vikas Nidhi 14-06-2019 /
99 Advance procurement / one time purchase of non recurring items during the financial year 2019-20 14-06-2019 pdf/ 362KB
100 Engagement of two Sweepers (one Male and one Female) on daily wage basis in JNVs 14-06-2019 pdf/ 310KB
101 Engagement of Caretakers for boys hostels through outsourcing on pilot basis in JNVs 14-06-2019 pdf/ 299KB
102 Circular:-Clarification regarding Vidyalaya Vikas Nidhi 02-04-2019 pdf/ 136KB
103 Engagement of Chowkidar-cum-Sweeper and Chowkidar working in JNVs as MTS 02-04-2019 pdf/ 381KB
104 Blocking access to pornography and other obscene contents on internet 26-03-2019 pdf/ 515KB
105 Rotation of charge of JNV store between LDC and Storekeeper after completion of three years of handling of store of the JNV 26-03-2019 pdf/ 143KB
106 Provision of tele-counselling for students of JNVs 28-02-2019 pdf/ 360KB
107 Campaign of Pariksha Parv 20-02-2019 pdf/ 2359KB
108 Clarification regarding Vidyalaya Vikas Nidhi 13-02-2019 pdf/ 160KB
109 Working Hours - Staff Nurses of NVS 04-01-2019 pdf/ 398KB
110 Weekly Off to Teachers 03-01-2019 pdf/ 264KB
111 Prevention of ragging and bullying in JNVs-reg 06-12-2018 pdf/ 724KB
112 Implementation of weekly off to teachers 27-11-2018 pdf/ 677KB
113 Revised Procedure for condemnation and disposal of articles in JNVs 30-03-2018 NA/ NA
114 Safety and Security of Students in Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas 01-02-2018 pdf/ 1916KB
115 Implementation of Cyber Security and Cyber Safety Guidelines in Navodaya Vidyalayas 19-01-2018 / KB
116 National Disaster Management - School Safety Policy 2016 Guidelines for JNVs 29-09-2017 / KB