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नवोदय विद्यालय समिति

Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti

( An Autonomous Body Under MHRD ) Government Of India

Construction Circulars

S.No. Title Publish Date File Type / File Size Download
1 Circular :- Guidelines for construction/maintenance of infrastructure in JNV campus through external funding 2019-05-16 pdf/ 469KB
2 Circular :- Formation of Allocation Committee for allocation of construction works 2019-05-16 pdf/ 223KB
3 Circular:- Regarding takeover of land by the JNV -Principal 2019-04-29 pdf/ 141KB
4 Notification No-1/2018-Modification in the norms of infrastructure in JNVs 2019-04-25 pdf/ 283KB
5 Circular :- Guidelines for construction/maintenance of infrastructure in JNV campus through external funding . 2019-04-25 pdf/ 3439KB
6 Circular:- Priority in execution of "Special M&R repair works in various JNVs" 2019-04-12 pdf/ 374KB
7 Minutes of the Meeting:- Development of GIS based work monitoring system for Construction monitoring in NVS 2019-03-28 pdf/ 322KB
8 Notification of Service Charges for PMC of Construction and Maintenance Projects 2019-03-11 pdf/ 633KB
9 Office Order:- List of Eligible Bidders for opening of financial bids 2019-01-24 pdf/ 182KB
10 Corrigendum: Postponement of Financial Bid Opening 2019-01-22 pdf/ 246KB
11 Extension of validity of the notified service charges for award of work 2019-01-02 pdf/ 236KB
12 Technical Circular-01/19: Timelines to be observed for execution of Special M & R works 2019-01-02 pdf/ 199KB
13 Technical Circular - 03/19- Inspection of works by EE/JE at site 2019-01-02 pdf/ 1612KB
14 Office Order - Rectification of improper office work procedure adopted by EEs / AE 2019-01-02 pdf/ 207KB
15 Technical Circular-02/19: Mile stones for important buildings / components in Phase-A works 2019-01-02 pdf/ 221KB
16 Corrigendum to Bids for service charges for project management consultancy (PMC) for Construction and Maintenance project of NVS 2018-12-19 pdf/ 242KB
17 MINUTES OF THE PRE-BID MEETING 2018 2018-12-15 pdf/ 719KB
18 Bidding for Services Charges for Project Management Consultancy of Construction & Maintenance Projects of Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti 2018-12-04 pdf/ 536KB
19 Implementation of 18.78 MW Grid connected Roof top PV system inJNVs located in different states / union territory of India under RESCO model 2018-11-26 pdf/ 363KB
20 Revised procedure and guidelines for Estimation, calling of Tenders and Acceptance of tenders 2018-11-22 pdf/ 2716KB
21 Visit of Executive Engineer level officer in case of Special M & R works 2018-08-07 pdf/ 150KB
22 Regarding progress of all ongoing constructions works in each Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas 2018-08-03 pdf/ 178KB
23 Distribution of work of Construction Wing amongst EE's and AE's of NVS(HQ) 2018-07-31 pdf/ 445KB
24 Approval for Grid connected Roof top Solar Panel scheme in JNVs 2018-01-24 pdf/ 4169 KB
25 Revision in the Annual Fund Limit for Major regular M&R works sanctioned from M&R funds disbursed at RO level-reg 2017-12-19 pdf/ 368 KB
26 Revision in the Annual Fund Limit for regular M&R works for bldgs. (including day to day maintenance) in JNVs from fund disbursed to Principal. 2017-12-19 pdf/ 371 KB
27 Construction of Phase-A works at JNV, Distt. Balodabazar (Chattisgarh)- Administrative Approval & Expenditure Sanction -reg 2017-12-14 pdf/ 1058 KB
28 Guidelines for official communication with NVS by Construction Agencies (CA) with reference to Construction works 2017-09-15 pdf/ 533 KB
29 Construction of Phase-A works at JNV, Agar Malwa (M.P)-Administrative & Expenditure Sanction 2017-08-25 pdf/ 1186 KB
30 Construction of Retaining Wall works at JNV, North Tripura (Tripura) - Administrative Approval & Expenditure Sanction 2017-08-04 pdf/ 2575 KB
31 Construction of Phase A works at JNV Jalpaiguri (West Bengal) - Administrative Approval & Expenditure Sanction 2017-07-28 pdf/ 2928 KB
32 Procedure & Stages involved in sanction of NVS projects - Regarding Grant of Mobilization Advance to Construction Agencies (other than PWOs) for executing 2017-07-25 pdf/ 341 KB
33 Reimbursement of Service Tax on Construction work / M&R works being undertaken on behalf of Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti 2017-06-28 pdf/ 587 KB
34 Minutes of 24th Construction Coordination Committee Meeting of NVS held on 13.01.2017 at NVS (HQ) 2017-06-27 pdf/ 1976 KB
35 Region-wise Service Charges for “Providing PMC services for Construction and Maintenance & Repair (M&R) works of JNVs and other Buildings" 2017-06-21 pdf/ 711 KB
36 Reporting and Reviewing Structure for the officers (on deputation / regular) regarding ACR/ APAR in Construction wing of NVS(HQ) and ROs 2017-06-13 pdf/ 198 KB
37 Proposed New layout for upcoming school building of JNVs 2017-05-25 pdf/ 869 KB
38 List of Qualified bidders on Bid No. 01/NVS/2016-17 2017-04-07 pdf/ 138 KB
39 Minutes of Pre-Bid Meeting 2017-03-28 pdf/ 857 KB
40 Revised procedure and guidelines for estimation, calling of tenders and acceptance of tenders 2017-01-25 pdf/ 1444 KB
41 Minutes of 23rd CCC Meeting 2017-01-23 pdf/ 1454 KB