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नवोदय विद्यालय समिति

Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti

( An Autonomous Body Under Ministry of Education ) Government Of India

पी एम श्री स्कूल जवाहर नवोदय विद्यालय, सांगली

PM Shri School Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Sangli


Games & Sports have been a vital component of JNVs to ensure all round development of students. The importance of sports and games in schools encompasses more than just the benefit of physical activity. It not only helps to improve academic performance but it is also a powerful tool for promoting leadership, team work skills and social cohesion. Games and Sports are encouraged in JNVs to develop fitness, psychomotor skills and fine tune motorskills with coordination, movement, strength, dexterity, grace, speed skills and to promote the spirit of cooperation and sportsman. Apart from the same, young talents are identified at an early stage and are helped to excel in their chosen field by specialized coaching. Further, Games and Sports also find healthy outlets for energy. This promotes a good rapport among students, teachers, parents and administration and show case talents of students for inspiration of others. Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti organises various sports and games activities at school level, cluster level, Regional Level and National Level every year. Further Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti is a state under School Games Federation of India (SGFI) and Navodaya National teams compete with other state teams in SGFI competitions.



1)   The National & SGFI performance for 2018-19 is: 27 students (19 Boys & 08 Girls) participated at National Level Games & 02 students (01 Boy & 01 Girl) is selected for SGFI. 

2)    Mrs. P. A. Joshi, PET (F) attended SGFI Athletic coaching camp held at JNV Kagal, Dist. Kolhapur & SGFI Athletic event held at Derwan, Dist. Ratnagiri.

3)    Conducted Regional level Cricket Trial selection for Pune Region on 31.07.2018 & 01.08.2018 & providing coaching to the students w.e.f. 12.09.2018 to 21.09.2018 & taking them to National meets at Faridabad (Haryana) w.e.f. 24.09.2018 to 26.09.2018.

4)     The vidyalaya had conducted Cluster Level Kho-Kho meet on 23.08.2018 & 24.08.2018 & teams participated in Regional level Kho-Kho meet on 28.08.2018 to 30.08.2018 at JNV Banaskantha (Guj).


National Sports SGFI
Name of Student Discipline / Game Year Name of Student Discipline / Game Year
Mast. Rishabh Inavate Kho-Kho 2014-15 Mast. Akshay Patil Kabaddi 2014-15
Mast. Shivam Gurav Kho-Kho 2014-15 Kum. Yogita Patil Athlatics  2014-15
Mast. Prathmesh Bandal Kho-Kho 2014-15 Mast. Shivam Gurav Kho-Kho 2014-15
Mast. Akshay Patil Kabaddi 2014-15 Mast. Prathmesh Bandal Kho-Kho  2014-15
Mast. Raju Kore Kabaddi 2014-15      
Mast. Sandip Chavan Athletics 2014-15      
Mast. Nitin Katrale Athletics 2014-15      
Mast. Vaibhai Zambare Athletics 2014-15      
Mast.  Swapnil Sabale Athletics 2014-15      
Mast. Ajinkya Patil Archery 2014-15      
Mast. Shardul Chougule Archery 2014-15      
Mast. Sumit Mali Wrestling 2014-15      
Mast. Digvijay Patil Wrestling 2014-15      
Mast. Yashwant Patil Wrestling 2014-15      
Mast. Prajyot Patil Kabaddi  2014-15      
Kum. Pranali Chatre Basket Ball 2014-15      
Kum. Vijayalaxmi Biradar Kabaddi 2014-15      
Kum. Swapnali Patil Kabaddi 2014-15      
Kum. Jyotsna Ubale Hand Ball 2014-15      
Kum. Yogita Patil Athletics 2014-15      
Kum. Pranali Chatre Athletics 2014-15      
Kum. Mayuri Bandawade Kabaddi 2015-16      
Kum. Aishwarya Ghorpade Kabaddi 2015-16      
Mast. Ruturaj Patil Kho-Kho 2015-16      
Mast. Sachin Takkalaki Kho-Kho 2015-16      
Mast. Omkar Gaikwad Hand Ball 2015-16      
Mast. Vishwajeet Jadhav Hand Ball 2015-16      
Mast. Shubham Nalwade Wrestling 2015-16      
Mast. Sairaj Patil Wrestling 2015-16      
Mast. Satya Bidre Wrestling 2015-16      
Mast. Vijay Borade Wrestling 2015-16      
Mast. Abhishek Joshi Wrestling 2015-16      
Mast. Santosh Biradar Wrestling 2015-16      
Mast. Bhushan Koli Archery 2015-16      
Kum. Samruddhi Shete Kho-Kho 2016-17 Mast. Prathmesh Bandal Kho-Khot 2016-17
Kum. Sayali Swami Kho-Kho 2016-17 Kum. Sukanya Tawade Badminton 2016-17
Mast. Vishwajeet Sutar Kho-Kho 2016-17 Kum. Yogita Patil Athletics 2016-17
Mast. Sambhaji Anuse Kho-Kho 2016-17 Kum. Sayali Swami Kho- Kho 2016-17
Mast. Aniruddha Patil Kho-Kho 2016-17 Kum. Gayatri Aute Kabaddi 2016-17
Mast. Prathmesh Bandal Kho-Kho 2016-17      
Kum. Gayatri Aute Kabaddi 2016-17      
Mast. Pruthviraj Bhosale Kabaddi 2016-17      
Mast. Yogiraj Belsare Kabaddi 2016-17      
Mast. Rajkumar Hajare Kabaddi 2016-17      
Kum. Yogita Patil Athletics 2016-17      
Kum. Sanika Patil Athletics 2016-17      
Mast. Onkar Shinde Hand Ball 2016-17      
Mast. Prathmesh Kolhe Hand Ball 2016-17      
Kum. Vaishnavi Patil Hand Ball 2016-17      
Mast. Ashish Khandel Volley Ball 2016-17      
Kum. Swapnali Tawade Badminton 2016-17      
Kum. Sukanya Tawade Badminton 2016-17      
Mast. Kashiling Kolekar Wrestling 2016-17      
Mast. Sangram Patil Wrestling 2016-17      
Mast. Suyash Kamble Wrestling 2016-17      
Mast. Janardan Bodake Wrestling 2016-17      
Mast. Abhijit Mane Wrestling 2016-17      
Mast. Shardul Chougule Wrestling 2016-17      
Mast. Atharv Jagtap Wrestling 2016-17      
Mast. Sushant Vasant Bhosale Archery  2017-18 Mast. Aditya Anil Patil  Kho-Kho 2017-18
Mast. Aditya Ramesh Chougule  Hand ball 2017-18 Kum. Anita Bharat Pandhare Kho-Kho 2017-18
Kum. Nayana Uttamrao Dahane Hand ball 2017-18      
Kum. Samruddhi Mohan Mali Kabaddi 2017-18      
Kum. Aishwarya Ashok Ghorpade Kabaddi 2017-18      
Kum. Sanika Uttam Patil Athletics 2017-18      
Kum. Shrutika Prakash Patil Athletics 2017-18      
Mast. Rohan Anil Patil Athletics 2017-18      
Kum. Prachi Chandrakant Mudugade Badminton 2017-18      
Mast. Soham Abhij Joshi  Badminton 2017-18      
Mast. Sambhaji Shivaji Anuse Kho-Kho 2017-18      
Mast. Aditya Anil Patil Kho-Kho 2017-18      
Kum. Anita Bharat Pandhare Kho-Kho 2017-18      
Kum. Sakshi Balu Kamble Kho-Kho 2017-18      
Kum. Samruddhi Jaykumar Shete  Kho-Kho 2017-18      
Kum. Sayali Suryaji Nalawade  Kho-Kho 2017-18      
Kum. Pragati Satish Patil Chess 2017-18      
Kum. Samidha Popat Kadam  Basket ball 2017-18      
Mast. Vivek Arun Jadhav Wrestling 2017-18      
Mast. Abhijit Kakaso Mane  Wrestling 2017-18      
Mast. Vijay Subhash Borade  Wrestling 2017-18      
Mast. Dheeraj Satappa Patil  Wrestling 2017-18      
Kum. Madhura Shinde Kabaddi 2018-19 Kum. Pragati Patil Chess 2018-19
Kum. Sonali Borad Kabaddi 2018-19 Kum. Sakshi Kamble Kho-Kho 2018-19
Kum. Sanjivani Jamkar Kho-Kho 2018-19 Mast. Sambhaji Anuse Kho-Kho 2018-19
Kum. Sakshi Kamble Kho-Kho 2018-19      
Kum. Sanika Pawar Athletics 2018-19      
Kum.  Susmita Patil Athletics 2018-19      
Kum. Pragati Patil Chess 2018-19      
Kum. Swapnali Tawade Badminton 2018-19      
Mast. Aayush Chougale Kabaddi 2018-19      
Mast. Paras Toundkar Basket Ball 2018-19      
Mast. Kartik Bhagat Cricket 2018-19      
Mast. Ajay Gangode Kho-Kho 2018-19      
Mast. Sambhaji Anuse Kho-Kho 2018-19      
Mast. Sachin Takkalki Kho-Kho 2018-19      
Mast. Sankarsen Mali Athletics 2018-19      
Mast. Kedarnath Chavan Foot Ball 2018-19      
Mast. Bhushan Mali Wrestling 2018-19      
Mast. Rajkumar Hajare Wrestling 2018-19      
Mast. Abhijeet Mane Wrestling 2018-19      
Mast. Janardan Badake  Wrestling 2018-19      
Mast. Utkarsh Lad Cricket 2018-19      
Mast. Pramod Dhenge Cricket 2018-19      
Mast. Bhushan Koli Archery 2018-19      
Mast. Avadhut Jadhav Wrestling 2018-19      
Mast. Pratik Chakor Hand Ball 2018-19      
Mast. Ajay Khatana Volley Ball 2018-19      
Mast. Naveen Alariya Volley Ball 2018-19