Annual Calendar
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नवोदय विद्यालय समिति

Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti

( An Autonomous Body Under Ministry of Education ) Government Of India

पीएम श्री स्कूल जवाहर नवोदय विद्यालय नड़, साम्बा

PM Shri School Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Nud District Samba J&K-UT

Calendar of the Year

JANUARY, 2019  
Reopening of School 7th January 2019
CCA Event  12th January,2019
Lohri Celebrations 13th January,2019
Monday (House Cleanliness Competition) 14th January,2019
Pre-board exams for XII class & revision test -6 for class XI 18th to 31st January
PTM (Parents Teacher Meeting) 19-Jan-19
Monday (House Cleanliness Competition) 21-Jan-19
Republic Day Celebration 26-Jan-19
Monday (House Cleanliness Competition) 28-Jan-19
World Leprosy Day 30th January 2019
CCA Event  02-Feb-19
Monday (House Cleanliness Competition) 04-Feb-19
PTM (Parent’s Teacher’s meeting) 09-Feb-19
Monday (House Cleanliness Competition) 11-Feb-19
CCA Event  16-Feb-19
Revision Exams +1 16 to 28 feb, 2019
Monday (House Cleanliness Competition) 18-Feb-19
Staff meeting,monitors meeting,subject meeting,House Meeting,Safety and security meeting 23-Feb-19
Monday (House Cleanliness Competition) 25-Feb-19
National Science Day 28-Feb-19
CCA Event 02-Mar-19
National Defence Day 03-Mar-19
Monday (House Cleanliness Competition) 04-Mar-19
Annual Exams 08-Mar-19
National Women Day 08-Mar-19
World Disabled Day 15-Mar-19
International Day for elimination of Racial Discrimination 21-Mar-19
Staff Meeting (Beginning of the new session) 02-Apr-18
Monday House Cleanliness Competition  02-Apr-18
World’s Health Day 07-Apr-18
CCA EVENT  07-Apr-18
Monday House Cleanliness Competition 09-Apr-18
Parents-Teacher Meeting 14-Apr-18
Monday House Cleanliness Competition 16-Apr-18
CCA Event  21-Apr-18
World Earth Day 22-Apr-18
Monday House Cleanliness Competition 23-Apr-18
House Meeting, Staff meeting,Subject meeting 28-Apr-18
Monitor’s meeting 28-Apr-18
Buddha Purnima 30-Apr-18
CCA Event  05-May-18
Monday House Cleanliness Competition 7th May 2018
Cluster Meet Sports 7th to 8th May 2018
Parents-Teacher Meeting 12-May-18
Regional meet sports 11 to 12  May 2018
Summer Break 15th May to 15th July 2018


Reopening of School 15th July 2018
Monday House Cleanliness Competition 16th July 2018
 Basket Ball Match Boys and girls sports 17 to 18 July 2018
CCA Event  21th July 2018
Monday House Cleanliness Competition 23th July 2018
PWT-1 25th to 31st  July 2018
House Meeting, Staff meeting,Subject meeting 28-Jul-18
Monitor’s meeting 28-Jul-18
Monday House Cleanliness Competition 30-Jul-18
August, 2018  
 CCA Event  4th August 2018
Monday House Cleanliness Competition 6th August 2018
Quit India Day 9th August 2018
Parents Teacher Meeting 11th August 2018
House Cleanliness Competition 13-Aug-18
Independence Day Celebration 15th August 2018
CCA Event 18th August 2018
Monday House Cleanliness Competition 20th August 2018
Idu’l   Zuha(Bakreid) 22th August 2018
House meeting,staff meeting,subject meeting,safety and security meeting,monitor’s meeting, 25th August 2018
Raksha Bandhan celebration 26th August 2018
Monday House Cleanliness Competition 27th August 2018
National Sports Day 29th August 2018
September, 2018  
CCA Event  1st September 2018
Janamashtmi celebrations 3rd September 2018
Teacher’s  Day celebration 5th September 2018
Parents Teacher meeting 8th September 2018
Monday House cleanliness competition 10th  September 2018
Third revision test for XI and XII 14 TO 24 SEPTEMBER 2018
CCA Event 15th September 2018
Monday House cleanliness competition 17th September 2017
Kabbadi match boys and girls sports 18th to 19th September 2018
Muharram holiday 21stSeptember 2017
Safety Security Meeting,Staff meeting,monitors meeting,house meeting , subject meeting 22nd September 2018
Monday House cleanliness competition 24th September 2018
Half Yearly Exam for class VI to X 15th to 21st September 2018
Hindi Pakhwada activities  
Self composed poems  
Short story writing  
Story telling  
Essay writing on importance of Hindi language  
Posted designing  
Pick and speak  
Book Review  
Hindi Magazine display(class wise)  
Poetry Recitation  
Reciting Couplets  
Closing of hindi pakhwada  
CCA Event   
Monday (House cleanliness competition) 1ST  October, 2018
Gandhi Jayanti  
CCA Event   6th October, 2017
Monday (House cleanliness competition) 8th october 2018
PTM(parent’s Teacher Meeting) 13th October 2018
Monday (House cleanliness competition) 15th October, 2018
Kho-Kho Match boys and girls Sports 16th to 17th  October, 2018
Dussehra Celebration 19th  October, 2018
CCA Event  20th  October, 2018
Monday (House cleanliness competition) 22-Oct-18
Safety Security Meeting,Staff Meeting,Subject Meeting,monitors Meeting,House meeting 27-Oct-18
Sadar Vallabh bhai Patel Jayanti 31st  October, 2018
Diwali Break 1st to 10th November, 2018
National Education Day 11th November 2018
Monday (House cleanliness competition) 12th November, 2018
Children’s Day 14th November, 2018
CCA Event  17th December, 2018
Library Week  19th to 24th November, 2018
Book Review  
Book Cover Designing  
Book mark Designing  
Reference Books Exhibition  
Eminent Authors works Exhibition  
Milad-un-Nabi/Id-e-Milad 21st November 2018
Guru Purab Celebrations 23-Nov-18
Library Week 24-Nov-18
Monday (House cleanliness competition) 26-Nov-18
Hand ball match boys and girls 28th to 29th 2018
National Flag day 30-Nov-18
CCA Event  01-Dec-18
Revision Test-5 for XI and preboard-I for XII 9 to 15 December 2018
Monday (House cleanliness competition) 03-Dec-18
PWT-2 for class VI to VIII 9th to 15th December, 2018
PWT-3 for class IX to X  
Cricket match boys only 17th to 18th December 2018
Monday (House Cleanliness Competition) 10th December,2018
CCA Event  8th December, 2018
Winter Break 17th December to 7 January, 2018