Vidyalaya Level Committees
Thur Dec 7 2017 , 13:28:16

नवोदय विद्यालय समिति

Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti

( An Autonomous Body Under Ministry of Education ) Government Of India

जवाहर नवोदय विद्यालय,सरकंडी, बिन्दकी, फतेहपुर

Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Sarkandi, Fatehpur

Vidayalaya Level Committees 2021-22


Sl.No. Committee Members Designation  Role 
1 Academics  Mr.S.M.Sharma  V.P. In-Charge Academics
 Mr.A.N.Sharma  PGT-Maths Member
Mr.Rahul Pandey  PGT-Eng. Member
2 Time Table Committee  Mr.A.N.Sharma  PGT-Maths In-Charge
Mr.Neeraj Pandey  TGT-Maths Member
3 Morning Assembly Committee Mr.Kamlesh Singh  PET(M) In-Charge 
Smt.Praveena Tripathi  PET(F) Member
Ms.Shaheen Naseem  Music Tr. Member
Active House H.M. &  A.H.M   Member 
4 Examination ( Internal & CBSE)  Mr.A.N.Sharma  PGT-Maths In-Charge(Internal Exam.)
Mr.Pawan Tomar  TGT-Social Sci. In-Charge(CBSE)
Mr.Jay Praksh  PGT-Geo



Mr.M.K.Verma  TGT-Eng.


5 JNVST Admission Committee     In-Charge 
Mr.Neeraj Pandey  TGT-Maths Member
Mr.D.K.Ashwani  Art Tr. Member
Mr.Ravi  Kumar  Store Keeper Member 
6  Mess  Mr. S.M.Sharma  V.P.  In-Charge 
 Mr. Jay Prakash  PGT-Geo. Member 
 Mr.Himanshu  C.A. Member
 Staff Nurse,& Cook     Member
 7 CCA Smt.Bandana Singh  PGT-Hindi  In-Charge 
Mr.Jay Praksh  PGT-Geo. Member
Mr.D.K.Ashwani  Art Tr. Member
Smt.Aruna  TGT-Eng Member
Ms.Saheem Naseem Music Tr. Member
 8 Vidyalaya Decoration , Cleanliness Committee






Art Tr.



Ms.Saheem Naseem 

Music Tr.


 9  Festival & other Day Celebration Committee  Smt.Bandana Singh  PGT-Hindi In-Charge 
    All Teachers  PGT/TGT/Misc. Member
  10 M & R Committee  Mr.S.M.Sharma  V.P. In-Charge 
    Mr.Ashutosh  PGT-I.T Member
    Mr.D.Jaishwal PGT-Phy. Member
    Mr.B.M.Tripathi  Librarian Member
    School Cap.(Boy)   Member
    School Cap.(Girl)   Member
 11 Vikash Nidhi Committee Mr.S.M.Sharm  V.P. In-Charge 
Mr.A.N.Sharma  PGT-Maths Member 
Mr.Sanjay Khanwekar O.S Member
Mr.R.Awasthi UDC Member
 12 Rajbhasha Committee Smt.Bandana Singh  PGT-Hindi  In-Charge 
Mr.B.P.yadav  TGT-Hindi Member 
Mr.Naveen  TGT-Hindi Member



13 Discipline Committee  Mr.S.M.Sharma  V.P In-Charge
Smt.Kalpana Sagar  PGT-Bio. Co. I/C
Mr. Kamlesh Singh  PET (M) Member 
Smt.Praveena Tripathi  PET(F) Member 
Concerned H.Ms   member
14 Migration Committee  Mr.N.P.maurya  TGT-Hindi  In-Charge
Mr.M.K.Verma  TGT-English  Co. I/C
Mr.Shoeb Ahmed  L.D.C Member
15 Monthly Purchase Committee  It will be formed in every month.    
16 Pace Setting  Mr.Jay Prakash  PGT-Geography  In-Charge
    Mr.Pawan Kumar Tomar  TGT-Social Science  Co. I/C
    Mr.Kamlesh Singh  PET(M) Member
    Smt.Praveena Tripathi  PET(F) Member
 17 Safety & Security  Mr.A.N.Sharma  PGT-Maths In-Charge 
    Mr.Bhanu Pratap Yadav  TGT-Hindi  Member
    All H.M. & A.H.M   Member
18 AEP Programme Mr.jay Prakash  PGT-Geography  In-Charge
Smt.Kalpana Sagar  PGT-Biology  Co. I/C
Mr.S.Mishra  PGT-Chemistry  Member
Smt.Suman Pandey  TGT-Science  Member
19 Wall Magzine & Display of Boards  Mr.D.K.Ashwani  Art Teacher  In-Charge
Mr.B.M.tripathi Librarian  Member
Miss.Saheen Naseem   Music Tr. Member
20 Campus Beautification      
Mr. D.K.Ashwani   Art Tr. In-Charge
Miss.Saheen Naseem   Music Tr. Co. I/C
Smt.Praveena Tripathi   PET(F) Member
21 Water & Electricity  Dr. Rahul Pandey   PGT- Eng. In-Charge
Mr.Mahendra   Electrician  Co. I/C
Mr. Shoeb Ahmed   LDC Member
Mr.Yogendra Singh  Lab.Atte. Member
22 Guidance & Counselling  Dr.Ragini Dwivedi  Counselor (F) In-Charge
Mr. Dhirendra Agrahari  Counselor (M) Member
Mr.A.N.Sharma  PGT-Maths. Member
 Mr.Pawan Kumar Tomar  TGT-Social Science Member
 Mr.B.M.Tripathi  Lib. Member
Smt.Kalpana Sagar   PGT-Bio.  In-charge(Girls)
 Smt.Suman Pandey   TGT-Sci.



23 Parent-Teacher Association Principal /V.P   In-Charge
Senior Most Teacher    Co. I/C
5 Teachers    Member
15 Parents( Boy & Girl)   Member
24 Social Science Club & Youth Parliament Mr.Jay Praksh   PGT-Geo. In-Charge
Smt. Kalpana Sagar   PGT-Bio Member
Mr.Pawan Tomar   TGT-Social Sci. Member
Mr.Rahul Pandey   PGT-Eng. Member
25 Science Club Smt.Kalpana Sagar   PGT-Bio. In-Charge
Mr.Dhirendar   PGT-Phy. member
Mr.Shyam Ji Mishra   PGT-Chem. Member
Smt.Suman Pandey   TGT-Science Member
26 Maths Club Mr.Anand Narayan Sharma   PGT-Maths In-Charge 
Mr.Neeraj Pandey   TGT-Eng. Member
Mr.Anupam Bhatnagar   TGT-Maths Member
27 ICT- Club Mr.Ashutosh   PGT-I.T In-Charge
Mr.Anand Narayan Sharma    PGT-Maths Member
Mr.Amit Kumar Mishra   FCSA Member
28 Music Club Miss. Saheen Naseem   Music Tr. In-Charge
Smt. Aruna   TGT-Eng Member
Smt.Indu   Metron  Member
29 Literary Club Dr.Rahul Pandey  PGT-Eng. In-Charge (Eng.)
Mr.N.P.Maurya   TGT-Hindi Member I/C (Hindi)
Mr.B.P.Yadav   TGT-Hindi Member
Smt.Bandana SIngh  PGT-Hindi Member
Mr.M.K.Verma   TGT-Eng Member
Smt.Aruna   TGT-Eng Member
Miss.Simi Prasad  TGT-Bangla  Member
TGT-Bangla   TGT-Bangla  Member
30 Alumni Club Mr.B.M.Tripathi   Librarian In-Charge
Smt.Aruna  TGT-Eng. Member
Mr.Ravi Kumar   LDC Member
Mr.Yogendra Singh  Lab Att. Member
31 Games & Yoga Club Mr.Kamlesh Singh   PET(M) In-Charge
Smt.Praveena Tripathi   PET(F) Member
32 Anti Ragging Senior Most Teacher    In-Charge 
All H.M.s   Member
All A.H.Ms   Member
Mr.Kamlesh Singh   PET(M) Member 
Smt. Praveena Tripathi   PET(F) Member 
 33  Medical & First Aid  Smt.Neelam Sachan  Staff nurse  In-Charge
    Smt.kalpana Sagar  PGT-Bio. Member
    Smt.Suman Pandey  TGT-Science  Member