Annual Calendar
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नवोदय विद्यालय समिति

Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti

( An Autonomous Body Under MHRD ) Government Of India

जवाहर नवोदय विद्यालय

Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Shimla

Calendar of the Year - session 2022-23

S.N Date Day Details of activities Activity in Charge /Co-Ordinator
 1  01.04.2021 Thursday Beginning of new session . Distribution of time table, text books, note books, daily use items to all classes from VII to XII  librarian & concerned class teachers and stock in charge, academic in charge, Principal & all members.
2 02.04.2021 Friday Good Friday Holiday
3 03.04.2021 Saturday Hindhi Rajbhasha Committee meeting to ensure that Maximum correspondence is to be done in hindi Principal and all staff members and I/C
4 05.04.2021 Monday CPF & GSLIS draft remittance to RO Patna. Service verification of all staff Office
 5 07.04.2021 Wednesday Online Poster making on the eve of World Health Day Art Teacher
6 13.04.2021 Tuesday NVS Foundation Day, Online PTC meeting & CCA activity. Principal and members of PTC.
7 14.04.2021 Wednesday Ambedkar Jayanti Celebration as Samajik Samarsata Diwas, Campus Cleaning, Talks on contribution of Baba Saheb on framing Indian Constitution and to attend social cohesiveness irrespective of discrimination CCA I/C and all staff members.
8  15.04.2021 Thursday Scout and Guide activities Scout & Guide
 9  17.04.2021 Saturday Mahavir Jayanti CCA I/C
 10  19.04.2021 Monday finalization of list of students for migration(Class IX) Principal, I/C migration and class teacher
 11 20.04.21 Tuesday student depart for their home for availing summer vacation  House masters




Sl. No. Date Day Details of Activities Activity in Charge /Co-Ordinator
 1 01.05.2021 Saturday Celebration of Internation Labour Day  
 2 03.05.2021  Monday Beginning of M & R works in Hostel, Class room, mess and Tender process begins for procurement of required materials for the session 2019-20 Principal/M & R Committee/Office
3   07.05.2021  Friday Birth day of Ravindra Nath Tagore Office Staff
 4  18.05.2021  Tuesday Budha Purnima Office
 5  31.05.2021  Monday Anti Tobacco Day Office staff


Dr. A P Thakur


Sl. No. Date Day Details of Activities
Activity in Charge /Co-Ordinator
1 05.06.2021 Saturday World Environment Day & Id-UL-Fitre Office Staffs
2 09/06/2021 Wednesday  Reporting back of teachers and mess staff members in Vidyalaya after summer vacation. Welcome of Students after Summer Vacation House masters
3 21.06.2021 Monday International Yoga Day CCE I/C
4 24.06.2021 Thursday To place the supply order to the approved party for the supply of required items for mess, hostel, lab , games and sports Office and concerned stock holder.
5 26.06.202 Saturday Conduct of CCE Activities  CCE I/C
6  28.06.2021 Monday Cleanining work of all the dormitories, mess and campus by the workers. Completion of various arrangements for safe and comfortable stay of students. Meeting of all teachig staff members.(A/N) Under the supervision of HMs, AHMs, Mess Staff Members/Principal
8  30.06.2021 wednesday Cleaning work of dormitory and surroundings. HMs and AHMs

Dr J Singh

Vice Principal

(Dr A P Thakur)


Sl.No. Date Day Details of activity
Activity in Charge /Co-Ordinator
1 03.07.2021 Saturday Rath yatra, Completion of Admission of class IX & XI/ Mess Committee meeting Admission Committee, IC Mess, Principal & Vice Principal
2 04.07.2021 Sunday House Captain Meeting HMs/Principal
3  05.07.2021 Monday Class Monitor Meeting Class Tr./Principal
4  06.07.2021 Tuesday Birth day of Dr. Shyama pd. Mukherjee, Celebration as Sewa Diwas, Campus cleaning to propagate, integrity, loyality and commitment to the nation. CCA I/C and staff Member.
5  08.07.2021 Thursday Discipline Committee Meeting PET both, HMs and AHMs/Principal
6  09.07.2021 Friday Cleaning work and books reading in library PET(M) and PET(F), HMs and AHMs, Librarian
7 10.07.2021 Saturday PTC meeting and CCA activity Principal and PTC members
8  11.07.2021 Sunday World population Day I/C CCA, Principal
9  12.07.2021 Monday Art Competition, plantation of saplings at various places in campus as per schedule and availability of plants Art teacher
10  17.07.21 Saturday Hindi Raj Bhasha Programme, VMC/VAC meeting  PGT(Hindi) and TGT(hindi)0
11  24.07.21 Saturday Discipline committee meeting I/C Discipline committee
12  26.07.21 Monday Subject committee meeting Principal/Vice principal and concerned teachers
13  29.07.21  Thursday  Test  Exam I/C
14  30.07.21 Friday



  Exam I/C
15  31.07.21 Saturday  Test   Exam I/C


Dr. Janardan Singh                                                                                                                   (Dr A P Thakur)

Vice Principal                                                                                                                                Principal


Sl.No. Date day Activity Activity in Charge /Co-Ordinator
1  02.08.2021 Monday Academic Meeting Principal and teachers
2  5.8.21 Thursday Subject club meeting Subject trs, V.P
3  6.8.21 Friday CCA activitis as per Vidyalaya Calender I/C CCA
4  7.8.21 Saturday House meeting, music /Art related activities Principal, HMs, AHMs, Art Tr, Music Tr
5  9.8.21 Monday Quit India Day, To conduct meeting for Independence day celebration, Rajbhasha Committee meeting I/C rajbhasha, PET(M), PET(F),
6  10.08.21 Tuesday  formation of various committee   AHM, MOD
7  13.8.21 Friday Cleaning work and beautification of the campus PET(M/F), HMs and AHMs, Librarian
8  14.8.21 Saturday Preparation for Independence Day prog Music Tr, Art Tr. PETs, I/C CCA
9  15.08.21 Sunday Independence day Celebration, Raksha Bandhan All staff and students
10  16.08.21 Monday Pace-setting activities Committee
11  20.08.21 Friday Birthday of Rajeev Gandhi(Sadbhawana Diwas), Campus cleaning to inculcate feeling of Comgrade ship, self reliance, progressive attitude to compete with global level achievements CCA I/C, staff members
12  23.08.21 Monday UT-II for Class XI and XII I/C exam
13  24.08.21 Tuesday CCA activities as per Vidyalaya calender, Sri Krishan Janmaastami, Art Competition on Role of Mother Teresa/Other eminent personalities towards society. Art Tr.
14  28.08.21 Saturday Unit test Exam I/c
15  30.08.21 Monday Unit test  Exam I/c
        Vice Principal                                                                                                                                                          Principal
       Dr. J Singh                                                                                                                                                          Dr. A P Thakur
Sl.No. Date Day Activity Activity in Charge /Co-Ordinator
1  01.09.2021  Wednesday Holiday Routine follow  Concerned Trs
2  02.09.21 Thursday Ganesh Chaturthi Art Tr
3  03.09.2021 Friday Academic Committee meeting Subject Trs, VP, PPL
4  05.09.21 sunday Teacher's day I/C CCA, all teaching and non teaching staff members
5  07.09.2021 Tuesday CCA activities as per Vidyalaya Calendar I/C CCA
6  09.09.21 Thursday Safety and Security meeting, PTC meeting, subject committee meeting, FA-I I/C safety security, PTC, Subj Tr, Members, Principal
7  10.09.21 friday Moharram  
8  11.09.21 saturday Onam and House Meeting HMs & AHMs
9  12.09.21 Sunday    
10  13.09.21 Monday Pace setting activities Committee
11  14.09.21 Tuesday PTC meeting, Hindi Pakhwara ( 14-28 sep), Inauguration and self composed poem Principal, PTC members, CCA I/C and staff members.
12  15.09.21 Wednesday  Cleanliness work, Story writing competiton. Elocution/extempore speech Concerned trs
13  18.09.21 Saturday Essay writing competitions CCA I/C & staff members
14  19.08.21 Sunday    
15  20.09.21 Monday Just a minute/ Mono act do
16  21.09.21 Tuesday Pick and speak do
17  22.09.21 Wednesday Debate do
18  24.09.21 Friday Hindi Manuscript magazine ( House wise/class wise) do
19 25.09.21 Saturday Poster designing do
20. 26.09.21 Sunday    
21 27.09.21 Monday Slogan writing/caption writing/prize distribution and closing ceremony do
22. 28.09.21 Tuesday Closing of Hindi Pakhwara HMs/ AHMs
23 30.09.21 Thursday Subject committee meeting and rajbhasha committee meeting PPL/VP and concerned
  Dr J Singh         Vice Principal
   Dr. A P Thakur                Principal
Sl. No. Date Day Activity Activity in Charge /Co-Ordinator
1  02.10.21 Saturday Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti and birth day of Lal Bahadur Shashtri ( Ahimsa Diwas celebration), Campus cleaning, activities pertaining to Bapu contributions to get freedom and faith in non violence  PET, MOD, CCA I/C, All staff
2  12.10.21 Tuesday The students and teachers will proceed for their native place.  
3  13.10.21 Wednesday Autumn Break begins  
4  15.10.21 Tuesday  Birth day of Dr A P J Abdul Kalam, Celebration as World Student's Day, Dussehra  Office staff


Sl.No. Date Day Activity Activity in Charge /Co-Ordinator
1  11.11.21 Thursday Birthday of Maulana abul Kalam Azad as Education Day CCA I/C and staff members
2  12.11.21 Friday Gurunanak Birth day. Reporting of trs and students after availing autumn break.  
3  14.11.21 Sunday Children's Day CCA IC and staff members
4  16.11.21 Tuesday Discipline committee meeting, CCA activities as per Vidyalaya Calendar  
5  23.11.21 Tuesday Poster workshop of art dowry system and its impact on society Art tr
6  26.11.21 Friday Constitution Day Student and staff members
7  27.11.21 Saturday Expected UT-IV/Expect FA-IV Exam I/C
8  30.11.21 Saturday

National Flag Day, Completion of syllabus of class X andn


I/C Discipline committee


Dr J Singh     Vice Principal

Dr. A P Thakur          Principal

Sl No Date Day Activity Activity in Charge /Co-Ordinator
1  01.12.21 Wednesday World AIDS day/ Poster making on world AIDS Day/ Additional/remedial/enrichment classes begins for class XII AEP concerned Trs, art Tr, Concerned Trs.
2  02.12.21 Thursday World Literacy Day CCA committee
3  03.12.21 friday International Day for disabled person/Dr Rajendra Pd Jayanti CCA I/C
4  04.12.21  Saturday  Pace setting activities pace setting committee and others
5  05.12.21  Sunday    
6  10.12.21 Friday Human rights Day and cleanliness work, supervised study PET(M), HM, AHM, MOD
7  13.12.21 Sunday    
8  14.12.21 Monday CCA programmes, PTC meeting, Expected 1st Pre Board Class XII  I/C CCA, PTC members
9  16.12.21 Thursday Scout and Guide activities Committee
10  18.12.21 Saturday Unit Test/Periodic Test Exam I/C
11  19.12.21  Sunday    
12  20.12.21  Monday  do do
13  21.12.21 Tuesday Remedial of low achievers of different subjects after different tests Concerned Subject tr
14  22.12.21 Wednesday Celebration of national mathematics Day Maths tr
15  23.12.21  Thursday Kishan Diwas HMs and AHMs
16 24.12.2021  Friday Winter Break  


Dr. J Singh         Vice Principal

Dr A P Thakur           Principal

Sl.No. Date Day Activity Activity in Charge /Co-Ordinator
1  01.01.22 Saturday New year's Day, Mass library book reading in open ground Concerned committee
2  02.01.22 Sunday Guru Govind Singh Jayanti and Hindi Raj Bhasha Concerned Committee
3  4.01.22 Tuesday Reporting of students and trs after availing winter break.  revision of syllabus for class XII Sc and Comm Concerned trs
4  05.01.22 Wednesday Dispatch of student strength, staff strength, AEP, DDR, Monthly statement alongwith mess expenditure, RTI, M & R, Gender Harassment Office
5  08.01.22 Saturday House Meeting HMs and AHMs
6  9.01.22 Sunday    
7  10.01.22 Monday Subject committee meeting Subject teachers
8  11.01.22 Tuesday Poster making competiton on eve of viveka Nand Jayanti, PTC meeting Principal & PTC members, Art Tr
9  12.01.22 Wednesday National Youth Day celebration, cleaning of campus, Organising rally, singing patriotic songs, special assembly with motivating talk of MOD CCA I/C, MOD all teachers, Principal, VP
10  14.01.22 Friday Makar Sankranti  
11  15.01.22 SAturday Army Day, Expected Pre Board Class X & XII Staff Members and Students
12  18.01.22 Tuesday CCA programmes I/C CCA
13  21.01.22 Friday Pace-setting activities Committees
14  23.01.22 Sunday Celebration of Netaji Subhash Chandara Bose jayanti as a Rashtriya Ekta diwas. Campus cleaning to organise special assembly inviting freedom fighters from community and focus on unity, brotherhood and sacrifice for the nation. Essay writing competiton in English and Hindi. I/C CCA, All staff Members.
15  30.01.22 Sunday Martyr's Day and world Leprosy eradication day Staff Members.


Dr J Singh             Vice Principal

Dr A P Thakur           Principal

Sl. No. Date Activity Activity in Charge /Co-Ordinator
1  01.02.22  CCA programmes IC CCa
2  03.02.22 Practical exam of class XII to be conducted Concerned trs
3  08.02.22 House meeting, poster making (Bad impact of drugs on society) PTC meeting HMs and AHMs, Art tr, Principal and PTC members
4  12.02.22 Pace setting activity under AEP Pace setting I/C
5  15.02.22 Revision exam for class XI 15.02.19 to 27.02.20, subject committee meeting, completion of 100 % syllabus in every class from VI to IX and XI, CCA programmes.  Principal, Subject Tr, I/C CCa
6  20.02.22 Scout and guide meeting I/C Raj Bhasha
7  28.02.22 National Science Day, Display of Science project by the students Concerned sub trs


 Dr J Singh             Vice Principal
Dr A P Thakur         Principal
Sl. No. Date Activity Activity in Charge /Co-Ordinator
1 02.03.22 Commencement of CBSE exam for class XII and X. Dr P K Mahto
2  03.03.22 National Defense Day I/C scout and Guide
3  05.03.22 Dispatch of AEP, DDR, Monthly statement alongwith mess expenditure, RTI, Safety and security, VMC, PTR, M & R  Office
4  08.03.22 International World Women' day Principal & I/C CCA
5  09.03.22 Commencement of annual exam of each class  Exam I/C
6  10.03.22 Scout and Guide activities  Scout and guide masters
7  12.03.22    
8  15.03.22 World Disabled day CCA I/C, Office
9  17.03.22 Holika Dahan  
10  19.03.22 Staff meeting for preparation of institutional plan 2020-21 and formation of various committees, preparation of calender 2020-21. VP, IC academic & committee members
11 21.03.22 International day for elimination of racial discrimination CCA I//c
12 25.03.22 Annual exam ends  
13 26.03.22 Review of result of final exam with sub trs, supplementary exam for class VI to IX or XI if any Exam I//c, Academic I/C
14 27.03.22 Preparation to organise annual sports meet 28.03.20 to 30.03.20 PET(M & F)
15 31.03.22 Declaration of result of Final exam I/c Exam


Dr J Singh           Vice Principal

Dr A P Thakur       Principal