Co-Curricular Activities
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नवोदय विद्यालय समिति

Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti

( An Autonomous Body Under MoE ) Government Of India

जवाहर नवोदय विद्यालय, महिसागर

Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Mahisagar

Co-Curricular Activities

Co-curricular Activities (CCA) ensures the harmonious growth of personality in children. CCA are an extension of the formal learning experiences and play a vital role in supplementing the academic activities. They develop interest and help to improve language skill, Communicative skill, Histrionic skill and the artistic skill of the child. CCA also help to improve analytical thrust for knowledge competitive spirit, value orientation, leadership teamwork and various other facets of life. To inculcate all the said qualities, quiz, recitation, extempore speech, elocution, debate, mono act, fancy dress, competitions are conducted in JNVs as per a well planned CCA calendar throughout the academic year. Co-curricular Activities are organized frequently through Inter-House Competitions at senior and junior level with a view to make the students achieve competence and self-confidence. Co-curricular Activities cover all the areas which ensure development of holistic personality and every JNV is providing ample opportunities to the students to develop their inborn talents and abilities through CCA. In addition to this, various clubs like Eco, Literary, Science, Mathematics, Cultural, Arts, Music, Readers, Health & wellness and Hindi club in the Vidyalaya also conduct numerous events to enrich the students in their particular field. Further, Navodaya family under one roof promotes national integration policy, celebrates regional, religious and national festivals much to the unique principle and feeling of oneness.

Sr.No. Activity Name Date of Activity
1 Plantation (Each One Plant One) 21.07.2021
2 Independence Day  15.08.2021
3 Rakshabandhan Program 22.08.2021
4 Krishna Janmasthmi 30.08.2021
5 Hindi Pakhwada & Swatchhta Pakhwada 01.09.2021   To   15.09.2021
6 Ganesh Utsav 10.09.2021
7 Muharram 20.09.2021
8 Surgical Strike Day 28.09.2021
9 Gandhi Jayanti 02.10.2021
10 Navratri Mahotsav 7.10.2021TO 15.10.2021
11 Celebration Of New Year (2019) 31.12.2021
12 Republic Day 26.01.2022


Calendar of Activities for the Session 2021-22

(1st April 2021 to 31st March 2022)




Responsibility of Organize

April 2021

1. Begining of new session.

2. Distribution of Time Table to all classes from VI to VII

3. To ensure that all text books and note books are provided to all the students.

All staff Members , Office Staf , Principal Incharge.

1. To ensure that various committees as per institutional plan.

Principal Incharge.

1. Mess committee Meeting

I/c Mess Committee

1. CCA

I/C CCA Committee

1. World Health Day

Staff Nurse, I/c CCA Committee


1. Kabbadi Match ( Junior Housewise)

Pet (Female )






1.Ambedkar Jayanti Celebration

CCA Committee

1. PTC Meeting

I/C PTC Committee, All Staff , Principal Incharge.

1. Ram Navami Celebration

CCA Committee

1. World Earth Day

I/c Social Science Club, CCA committee

1. Mahaveer Jayanti

I/C CCA Committee

1. Meeting of M&R committee

2. Meeting of Safety & Security Committee

Principal , Vice Principal, committee Members and Captains of all Houses and Classes.

1. Meeting of Condemnation Committee

2. Selection of Students of Class IX for Migration.

Stock Holders, Committee Members ,Migration incharges, Vice Principal & Principal

Annual Day Celebration 2015-16

I/C CCA & All Staffs

Declaration of Summer Vacation and safe Handing Over of the Students to their Parents.

Concerned House Masters & Associate House Masters.



TGT Science .


Art Compitetion (Inter House)

Music Teacher


May 2021

1. Summer Vaccation..

2. M & R work in Hostels, Class Rooms & Admn. Block .                                                       3. No Tobacco Day

I/C Lateral Examination & Office Sfaff , Vice Principal , Principal & Concerned in charges.  Principal                                                                                                                                                                  Staff Nurse



June 2021


1. Finalization of all Purchasing Procedures.


1. Reporting of Teachers to Vidyalaya.

2. Opening of Hostels , their cleaning.

3. To ensure Safety & Security of Students in Hostels.

Concerned House HMs & AHMs. Safety and Security Committee.

1. Meeting of Principal with All teachers

2.Safety & Security of students Implementation of various Planning to achieve Excellence in different areas .

3. Procurement of all Essential commodities as per requirement of Vidyalaya.

1. Principal & Vice-Principal.

2. Safety and Security Committee and all staff.

3. I/c Mess & other Department in charges.




Responsibility of Organize

September 2021

1. Mess Committee Meeting

I/c Mess Committee

1. Teachers Day Celebration

I/c CCA & XI and IX Class Students

Extempore speeches from English Department

I/c English Club

1. PTC Meeting

2. World Literacy Day


I/c CCA & I/c NSS

Ganesh Chaturthi Celebration

I/c CCA & All Staff Members

Hindi Pakhwada Celebrartion

I/c Rashtra Bhasha

I/c Hindi Club

Bhajan Competition

I/c CCA & Music Teacher

Science Quiz (Seniors)

I/c Science Club

Competition of Hindi Pakhwada

Summative Assessment -1 (Tentative)

I/c Rashtra Bhasha & I/c Hindi Club I/c Internal Exams

1. Sfaff Meeting

2. Completion of X & XII class syllabus

Principal & Staff Concerned Subject Teachers


Poster Making Compitetion

Art Teacher (Ms. J.Jadhav)

October 2021

Gandhi Jyanti


1. PTC Meeting

2. Winter Vacations (Tentative)

I/c PTC & Concerned House Masters & AHMs





Responsibility of Organize



December 2021

World Aids Day & Rally

I/C CCA , Staff Nurse, I/C NSS & All HMs & AHMs 

Revision of Board Class Students

Concerned Subject Teachers

Mess Committee Meeting

I/C Mess Committee

PTC Meeting


Human Rights Day

I/C Social Science Club

Social Science Quiz(Juniors)

I/C Social Science Club

Formative Assessment-III

I/C Examination

1st Preboard Examination (Tantative)

I/C Examination

Debate Competition

I/C English Club & I/C Social Science Club

Christmas Day Celebration

I/C CCA & All Staff

1. Staff Meeting

2. New Year Celebration

Principal & All Staff


Greeting Card Making Competition

Music Teacher



January 2022

Mess Committee Meeting 

I/C Mess Committee

World Leprosy Day

I/c CCA & All Staff

Drawing & Painting Competition

Music Teacher

Hand Ball Competition

Pet (Female )

Youth Day- NSS Day


Maths Olympiad

I/C Maths Club

2nd Pre-Board Examination (Tantative)

I/C Examination

Kannada Program

I/C CCA & Migration I/C

Republic Day Celebration

I/c CCA & All Staff

1. Completion of Practical for Class X

2. Completion of Syllabus for Non Board Classes.

3. Staff Meeting

Concerned Subject Teachers,Principal & All Staff


Painting Compitetion

Music Teacher


February 2022

Practical Examination for Class XII

Concern Subject Teachers

Revision for Non Board Classes

Concerned Subject Teachers

Mess Committee Meeting

I/C Mess Committee

Formative Assessment-IV

I/C Examination

Farewell to XII Class


Science Day Activities & Celebration

I/C Science Club


Compitition of Folk Art Making

Music Teacher





Responsibility of Organize

March 2022

CBSE Board Examination for Class X & XII

I/C CBSE Examination

Summative Assessment –II

I/C Examination

Mess Committee Meeting

I/C Mess Committee

1. Stock Verification

2. Distribution of Text Books & Note Books

Concern In Charges, Librarian & Office Staff

Result Declaration for Non Board Classes 

I/C Examination

PTC Meeting