Vidyalaya Level Committees
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नवोदय विद्यालय समिति

Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti

( An Autonomous Body Under MHRD ) Government Of India

जवाहर नवोदय विद्यालय, महोबा

Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Mahoba

Vidayalaya Level Committees

Sl.No. Committee Members Role 
1 Academics Smt. Shashi bala Dubey In-Charge Academics
Mr. Sami Akhtar Member
Mr. A.C. Rajpoot Member
Mr. N.P. Purwar Member
FCSA Member
2 CCA Smt. Kalpana Thakur In-Charge CCA
Mrs. Sunita Pandey, Mrs. Kanchan In-Charge Conduct of Weekly House/Class Cleaning Assessment
Sh.R.D.Dwivedi  In-Charge Photo & Press Coverage
Mr. B.D. Pandey In-Charge Stage Activities
Ms. Sarla  In-Charge Stage Support
3 Mess Mrs. Shashi Bala Dubey In-Charge Mess
 Sh.Jagdish Yadav  Second In-Charge Mess
 All H.Ms. & Staff Nurse  Member
 Sh. K.P. Agrawal Member Secretary
Master Karan (Boys)  Member
Miss Ritu (Girls)  Member
4 Vidyalaya Decoration Cleanliness, Up Keep Sh S.K. Chauhan In-Charge
Mr. B.D. Pandey  Member
Mrs. Kanchan  Member
5 Examination (Internal & CBSE) Mr. Jagdish Yadav (Internal) Mr. Sami Akhtar (CBSE) In-Charge Scholastic
Dr.Vivek Singh  Member
Sh. Amar Singh Member
Smt. Sarla Member
                        FCSA (Supporting Staff)
6 Maintenance & Repair Mrs. Shawana Siddiqui
Mrs. Shashi Bala Dubey (Vice- Principal) In-Charge
Mr. V.S. Rai  Member
Smt. Kanchan Member
Smt. Neelam Agrawal, Mr. Mahipal  (Parents) Member
Master Karan
(Vidyalaya Captain- Boys)
Kumari Ritu
(Vidyalaya Captain- Girls)
7 JNVST Sh K.P. Agrawal                                                  In-Charge
Sh C.P. Singh Member
Smt. Kanchan Member
8 Vidyalaya Discipline Mr. Sami Akhtar
All House Masters/House Mistress Member
Sh Sunil Jaiswal
(PET Male)

(PET Female)
9 Safety & Security Smt. Shashi Bala Dubey (Vice-Principal) In-Charge
All House Masters / Mistress Member
Sh Sunil Jaiswal
(PET Male)

(PET Female)
10 Guidance and Counseling Cell Sh K.P. Agrawal In-Charge
Librarian Member
Smt Kalpana Thakur Member
Smt Sunita Pandey Member
11 Museum Corner Sh S.K. Chauhan                                                      In-Charge
12 Art & Craft Club Sh S.K. Chauhan                                                      In-Charge
MD. Jamil Akhtar Member
13 Scout & Guide Activities Mr. Jamil Akhtar                                                    In-Charge
Smt. Kanchan Member
14 Conduct of Morning Assembly Sh B.D. Pandey In-Charge
(Assembly of Students)
Sh Vinod Shrivastava In-Charge
(Assembly of Students)
Smt Kalpana Thakur English Presentation
(News, Thought, Poem, Quiz)
Smt Sunita Pandey Hindi Presentation
(News, Thought, Poem, Quiz)
Sh Jamil Akhtar Urdu Presentation
(News, Thought, Poem, Quiz)
Sh Sunil Jaiswal In-Charge - Discipline (Boys)


PET (Female)

In-Charge - Discipline (Girls)
House Master / House Mistress House on Duty Member
15 Pace-Setting Activities Sh. S.K. Chauhan In-Charge
Sh A.C. Rajpoot Science Club
Sh S.K. Chauhan NCC S.D.
Sh C.P. Singh NCC J.D.
Sh K.P. Agrawal Maths Club
Sh Shatrughan Singh Library Club
Staff Nurse Health Club
16 Medical & First Aid
(Staff Nurse)
Sh V.S. Rai Member
Miss. Sarla Member
17 Sports Club Sh Sunil Jaiswal In-Charge (Boys)
PET (Female) In-Charge (Girls)
Sh A.C. Rajpoot Member

Ms. Sarla

18 Environmental Club & Green School Programme Mr. V.S. Rai In-Charge
Ms. Sarla Member
19 AEP Programme Sh N.P. Purwar Resource Person
Sh Jamil Akhtar In-Charge
Smt Sunita Pandey Member
Miss. Sarla Member
20 Vidyalaya Garden Mr. S.K. Chauhan In-Charge
Sh Sunil Jaiswal Member
21 Resource Room Mr. S.K. Chauhan In-Charge
Sh Sushil Chandra Member
22 Raj Bhasha Mr. R.D. Dwivedi In-Charge
Smt. Sunita Pandey Member
Mr. Ram Krishna Member
23 Parent Teacher Association Sh R.D. Dwivedi In-Charge
Sh K.P. Agrawal Member
Sh Sunil Jaiswal Member
Sh C.P. Singh Member
Smt Kalpana Thakur Member
Smt Kanchan Member
24 Social Science Club & Youth Parliament Mr. C.P. Singh In-Charge
Mr. Sushil Chandra Member
Sh. Jagdish Yadav Member
25 Science Club Sh Sami Akhtar Resource Person (NCSC)
Sh A.C. Rajpoot In-Charge
Sh V.S. Rai Member
Miss. Sarla Member
26 Maths Club Sh K.P. Agrawal In-Charge
Sh N.P. Purwar Member
27 Computer Club Sh J.P. Mishra In-Charge
  FCSA Member
Sh Amar Singh Member
28 Music Club Sh B.D. Pandey In-Charge
third Language Member
Miss. Sarla Member
29 Literary Club Mr. R.D. Dwivedi In-Charge
Smt Kalpana Thakur Member
Mr. Vinod Shrivastava Member
TGT Hindi Member
Mrs. Sunita Pandey Member
Mrs. Kanchan Member
Mr. Jamil Akhtar Member
30 Alumni Club Mrs. Kalpana Thakur In-Charge
Sh S.K. Chauhan Member
Dr.Vivek Singh Member
Mr. R.D. Dwivedi Member
31 Migration Sh.K.P.Agrawal In-Charge
Mrs. Sunita Pandey Member
32 Monitoring of Suggestion Box Sh J.P. Mishra In-Charge
Mrs. Kalpana Thakur Member
33 Anti Ragging Sh Sunil Jaiswal Member
Sh Jagdish Yadav Member
Sh A.C. Rajpoot Member
Sh Vivek Singh Member
Sh J.P. Mishra Member
Smt. Kalpana thakur Member
Smt Sunita Pandey Member
34 Gender Harassment Committee (Report to be submitted to Cluster Incharge within Three Days) Smt. Shawana Siddiqui
Smt. Shashi Bala Dubey
(Vice Principal)
Member Secretary
Smt Kalpana Thakur
(Senior Most Teacher Female)
Sh K.P.Agrawal
(Senior Teacher Male)
Sh.Sunil Jaiswal Member