शिक्षा में कला

नवोदय विद्यालय समिति,

Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti

( An Autonomous Body Under MHRD ) Government Of India

जवाहर नवोदय विद्यालय, बाँसवाड़ा-II (राज.)

Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya BANSWARA-II

Art in Education

The quality education in Jawahar Navodaya Vidayalayas is ensured through Art in Education Programme by linking community and the school. Art in Education within the context of the Residential Culture of NVS becomes the parennial source of flow of creative energy. Art in Education becomes an opportunity for students to learn and understand, express and interpret life. It is the cooperative effort latent in a residential school system as well as in the Art in Education Programme which provides a springboard for the advancement of students towards creative dimensions of their personality. Integration through art is a way of achieving unity in midst of diversity of tradition through the Art in Education Programme. In addition to developing values of national Integration, a strong component of culture has been provided for NVS students by organizing different kinds of performing art, craft, visual art, music and theatre workshops each year in the Art in Education programmes. Training is given to students in the performing art, craft, music and visual art forms that are prevalent in their area. The artists and experts who are invited to train the children in a JNV generally belong to the same area in which the JNV is located. Thus, both students and experts share cultural affinities as well as knowledge of local practices and customs. Often, this has resulted in not only acquainting with the cultural heritage of their area but has also helped preserve that heritage through the activities of the children.

Objectives of Art in Education in JNVs

  • Objectives of Art in Education in JNVs

    • I

      The Main Objectives are:

        • To help the student to identify feedings thoughts, emotions and fantasies as an interaction to the environment.
      • To help the child to achieve balanced growth as a social being in tune with culture, through project work.
      • To inculcate the habit and linking for order in regard to his belongings pertaining to art activities.
      • To create an awareness among the learners to respond to the beauty in line, color and form.
      • To provide suitable natural environment which is indispensable for teaching leaning fine arts.
      • To explore the ways and means for developing creativity among the school children.
      • To provide a variety for creative expression for learners to experiment with.
      • To realize that the arts help to meet basic human need & creative personal expressions.
    • Main Activities of Art In Education Workshops:

      • Values of National Integration and other Universal Values are inculcated amongst students through Art in Education.
      • Different Performing Art traditions, painting styles, crafts and theatre in education work have been taught to students in JNVs.
      • Traditional wisdom of our village societies is passed on to the students through songs, folk ballads, art and traditional theatre workshops.
      • Eminent personalities from the field of literary, visual art, theatre and performing arts have been involved to train the students.
      • Renowned educationist and eminent personalities in public life are also associated to inculcate leadership qualities in students.


      Levels of implementing Art in Education Workshops:

      • Vidyalaya level.
      • Regional level.
      • National level.


             After training the students through experts for a period of one month, the talents are being exhibited to the public at JNV level.   Selected teams from all the States participate in the Regional Integration Meet which shall be organized every year by each Region.  Approximately around 500 students participate in the regional level, cultural and literary meet called Regional Integration Meet.  Necessary budget for the same shall be provided through budget demand.  Teams selected from all the eight regions participate in the National Integration Meet, in which cultural and literary activities are given importance. The National Integration Meet offers opportunities for cross cultural exchange to NVS students coming from different corners of India.