Co-Curricular Activities
Thur Dec 7 2017 , 13:28:16

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नवोदय विद्यालय समिति

Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti

( An Autonomous Body Under Ministry of Education ) Government Of India

जवाहर नवोदय विद्यालय, सांगली

Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Sangli

Co-Curricular Activities

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Co-curricular Activities (CCA) ensures the harmonious growth of personality in children. CCA are an extension of the formal learning experiences and play a vital role in supplementing the academic activities. They develop interest and help to improve language skill, Communicative skill, Histrionic skill and the artistic skill of the child. CCA also help to improve analytical thrust for knowledge competitive spirit, value orientation, leadership teamwork and various other facets of life. To inculcate all the said qualities, quiz, recitation, extempore speech, elocution, debate, mono act, fancy dress, competitions are conducted in JNVs as per a well planned CCA calendar throughout the academic year. Co-curricular Activities are organized frequently through Inter-House Competitions at senior and junior level with a view to make the students achieve competence and self-confidence. Co-curricular Activities cover all the areas which ensure development of holistic personality and every JNV is providing ample opportunities to the students to develop their inborn talents and abilities through CCA. In addition to this, various clubs like Eco, Literary, Science, Mathematics, Cultural, Arts, Music, Readers,Library, Health & wellness and Hindi club in the Vidyalaya also conduct numerous events to enrich the students in their particular field. Further, Navodaya family under one roof promotes national integration policy, celebrates regional, religious and national festivals much to the unique principle and feeling of oneness.

Co-Curricular activates :

            Important days, festivals & inter house completions are conducted as per the calendar of activities.

Co-Curricular activates :

            Important days, festivals & inter house completions are conducted as per the calendar of activities.

  1. Poster Making Competition is arrange on  
  2. Rakhi Making Competition ----
  3. Poster Making Competition ,Swachata Pakhawada and Group Song Competiton is arrange on 20.07.2021
  4. Celebrating Kargil Vijay Diwas,arranging Wall Magazine on this event on -------
  5. Arranging Wall Magazine Competition on the event of indepence day on 15.08.2020
  6. Vad Vivad Pratiyogita on"Bharat me loktantra kitna safal" is arrange on 05.09.2020
  7. Campus Cleaning  is arrange on Once in week and daily where required.
  8. Greeting Competition,Wall Magzine Comp.,Eassy Writing Comp.,Elocation Comp.,Poster Making Competition is arrange on 25.12.2020
  9. Peak and Seek Competition,Book Review Competition,Designing of Book Jacket,Hand Writting Magazine Competition is arrange on 16.11.2019 to 19.11.2019.
  10. Poster Making competition on "AIDS AWARENESS DAY" ,Group Song Competition ,House Cleaning Competition is arrange on 01.12.2020.
  11. House Cleaning Competition is arrange in between Girls and Boys House from 15.02.2020 to 29.02.2020
  12. Launch of 100 days of  Reading campaign starting from from 1st of Jan 2022.