Principal's Desk
Thur Dec 7 2017 , 13:28:16

नवोदय विद्यालय समिति

Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti

( An Autonomous Body Under Ministry of Education ) Government Of India

जवाहर नवोदय विद्यालय, कलबुर्गी-II

Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Kalaburagi-II

Principal's Desk

While sincerely acknowledging   and earnestly appreciating the initiative taken by Our NVS joining hands with our esteemed government’s digitalization venture, through Shala Darpan, I take this great opportunity to pen and share my reflection on all about and through our newly launched website which is the true and tangible reflection, face and index of our JNV Korwar Kalaburagi-2 family as a whole, its data bank, activities, role, uniqueness, Mission and Vision, Lofty Ideals and social commitment etc., etc.,

In this technology and information driven era, through the launching of its new website the Vidyalaya really aims to share, disseminate and make known to the entire world in general and all its stake holders in particular, in an open and transparent manner, at their point/spot and doors at a single click, information which are vital, precious and very essential. So that the public at large are largely covered , benefitted and eased and  with the reduction in their physical labour, time, valuable  resources etc, which they should otherwise  spend and exert to obtain these pieces of information provided through this portal by calling on the Vidyalaya in person.

Well, through our JNV portal, apart from the stake holders, we would like to appeal to all potential aspirants, enthusiasts, volunteers, social activists and keen to hold and shoulder social responsibility   and all those who are desirous of getting and gathering all sorts of information connected to our JNV, learning about JNV, its system, role and function, social responsibility it bears, services it renders etc, etc., to visit our website regularly,  get updated and utilize the information thus gained for the benefit and progress of the society at large.

The new website on its maiden journey into the society right now has on its board the following pack of information, immediately required for the public, people in different capacity and from different sects. of society connected  and linked either  directly  or indirectly  with us,  with a of high hope to expand its domain,  spread and stretch its wings, extend  its horizon , include  more areas of activities and wealth of data with wider coverage in the immediate future.

Information Now On Board and For Instant and Immediate Access:

Also feel free and take time to share with us your feedback instantly through the designated window provided for the said purpose, so that it will enable us to serve you all better.



Thank You  All  !!  Jai Hind !!                                                                      



                                                          From the Pen of Vice Principal


I’m glad to partner myself and contribute my best in every effort and attempt that will be made by the Vidyalaya in making its website up-to-date with all pieces of data and information requisite and vital for the public and all stake holders, on daily basis. I’m quite sure our website will cater to the needs and meet the expectation of all those who are associated with us as well as interested in us with all events and data regular updates. In addition to just providing Vidyalaya data and information, this window will also serve the public and parents at large by providing links to various other important websites concerning students’ future academic pursuits and career prospects.

I appeal to our faculty and the committed team to contribute their best in enriching our website which is the index and reflector of our total performance, output, quality and merit,  with varieties of information, wealth of data, unlimited services, assistance in abundance and in addition make it team and overflow with materials  and resources that are interesting and  educative .

I also take this opportunity to request our children and the faculty to use this platform cum launch pad, optimum, to show case their inherent talents and potentials, special skills and interests, expertise, innovative ideas,professional advice and come out with original works which are the true products and outcomes of their creativity, lateral thinking and high and erudite scholarship.

It’s my humble expectation from the domain operator, to put his efforts coupled with interest to maintain, rather nurture the website with all care as an infant so that it is technically functional, operative, active, up-to-date and accessible to all and the interest and involvement of everybody who are connected with it, is sustained throughout.

Last but not the least, I sincerely solicit and look forward to the entire JNV Family to join hand , inspire and motivate mutually all at all levels including the children  , seeking  intellectual contribution of all kinds which are relevant  and demanding  for website enrichment.

                                               Hats Off to NVS for this Giant Step!!!

                  Jai Hind! Long Live Our Mother India and Its Enviable Intellectual Capability!


E.Kabaleeswaran, Vice Principal, JNV Korwar