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F. No. 2-25/02-NVS (Estt.)                                                                              Dated: 23.11.2007



The Deputy Commissioner

Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti

            All Regional Offices.


Sub:      Seniority list of PGTs in NVS: circulated.



        A tentative seniority list of PGTs working in Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti (W.e.f 1.4.1994 to 31.12.2002) was circulated vide this office letter No. F.No.2-25/02-NVS (Estt.) Dated:              10 .04.2007 inviting objections, if any, from the PGTs.


        The comments furnished by all Regional Office based on the tentative seniority list with the above referred letter have been verified with reference to the principles adopted in determining to the seniority of PGTs.(Available at Annexure-A).


           The objections were received in the following area as under:-


1.      Factual errors in Date of Birth, Date of Joining, Qualification, Place of Posting and spelling in Name, etc

2.      Name of 06 numbers PGTs, not being included in the tentative seniority list. (Total cases: 10 Nos. out of 10 three are available and one is not related to this period.)

3.      Claiming change in senior position in the seniority list. (Cases 23  No.s out of 23, Five nos related to the earlier related Seniority list which has already been finalized)

4.      Some of the absorbees claiming position in seniority from the date of joining in the Samiti as they had came from the analogous post from parent deptt..      


          In this context, the corrections suggested in the factual data’s have been carried out, missing names of PGTs communicated by respective ROs have now been included in the seniority list. Changes in seniority positions, consequent on correction of date of birth have been made. In the cases of Non-B.Ed PGTs appointed on trial basis will figure only in the next seniority list as per agreed principles.


       The final seniority list of PGTs working in NVS as on 31.12.2002 is forwarded herewith may be circulated to all JNVs under your control for information and guidance of the PGTs. The seniority list is subject to the decision of the Hon’ble Court in the case of Sh. Pep Sing Rajawat,PGT(Hist.) and P.S.Rajput, PGT(Maths.) questioning the validity of one of the principles of seniority of followed in the preparing  this list.


Yours faithfully,


(M. S. Khanna)

Joint Commissioner (Pers.)





A.         Inter-se seniority of direct recruits.

1)         A batch of direct recruits recruited earlier will be senior to the batch/batches direct recruit of the subsequent years.


2)         With in a particular batch of direct recruits, seniority is determined as follows:


i)          Select panels of PGTs in respect of a particular subject prepared by various Regional Office and Head Quarters in a year are first merged into a single panel based on the marks awarded to the candidates at the time of interview.


ii)                 Then the subject panels thus prepared have been merged into one following the guidelines given below.


a)                  Candidate placed at rank No. 1 in each of the subject has been picked up. Similarly those given rank No. 2 and so on.


b)                   The candidate with rank No. 1 has been arranged according to their date of birth, older being placed senior to the younger. If the date of birth of two or more candidates happens to be the same, their inter-se seniority has been fixed as per their date of joining duty.


iii)       In case of direct recruits who were taken on trial basis pending acquiring B.Ed. degree, their seniority have been counted from the date on which B.Ed. degree was obtained (for this purpose the date of declaration of result is taken into consideration. In the seniority list, he/she has been will be placed above the first direct recruits who joined service on a date (immediately subsequent to the date of acquiring of his B.Ed. degree.)


B.         Inter-se seniority of promotees

            The inter-se seniority of promotes in N.V.S. have been determined as per the following guidelines.


1)                  A batch of direct recruits recruited earlier will be senior to the batch/batches direct recruit of the subsequent years.


2)                  The seniority of promotes are arranged in order as per the recommendation of the D.P.C.


3)                  Where the D.P.C. has considered the promotion in subject wise, all the subject has been merged into one panel in the following manner.


a)                  Candidates placed at rank No. 1 in each of the subject has been picked up; similarly those given rank No. 2 and so on.


b)                   The candidate with rank No. 1 has been arranged according to their date of birth, older being placed senior to the younger.

C.         Inter-se seniority of absorbees

            The inter-se seniority of deputationists absorbed permanently in NVS will be determined s per the following guidelines.


1)                  The batch of deputationists absorbed earlier will be senior to those absorbed subsequently.


2)                  A PGT who was selected for deputation earlier will be senior to those who were selected for deputation subsequently. For this purpose the date of select panel of deputation will be the guiding factor.


3)                  If there is more than one PGT from the same deputation panel in that batch of absorbees, their inter-se seniority will be as per the marks given to them at the time of selection for deputation.


4)                  The seniority of absorbees is determined from the date of absorption in NVS.



D.                 Seniority of direct recruits, promotees and absorbees

(i)      the seniority of direct recruits and promotees shall be determined according to the rotation of vacancies between direct recruits and promotees which shall be based on the quota of vacancies reserved for direct recruitment and promotions respectively in the recruitment rule 1995 of NVS (In the ratio of 1:3 i.e. first promotees and then three direct recruits and so on.).


(ii)   If adequate number of direct recruits does not become available in any particular year, rotation of quotas for the purpose of determining seniority would take place to the extent of available direct recruits and promotees.


In other words, to the extent direct recruits are not available, the promotees will be bunched together at the bottom of the seniority list below the last position upto which it is possible to determine seniority, on the basis of rotation of quotas with reference to the actual number of direct recruits who become available.



For example


1995               1996

                           P1                    P1

                           D1                    D1

                           D2                    D2

                           D3                    D3

                           P2                    P2

                           D4                    D4

                           D5                    D5

                           D6                    D6 and so on


(P1 stands for promotees and similarly D1 stands for direct recruits)


            Where  a person is appointed by absorption in accordance with the provision of the recruitment rules providing such absorption in the event of non availability of suitable candidate by direct recruitment or promotion such absorbee shall be grouped with the direct recruits or promotees as the case may be, selected on the same occasion.


D.         Based on the chronology of the year of direct recruits, promotees and absorbees, the following arrangements have been followed in arranging various years of PGTs in the seniority list.



1.                  1994                      Promotees                         (As per rotation of vacancies

                                                   Direct recuits#                 between Promotee/Direct &

                                                   Absorbees                          Absorbees according to the

                                                                                             Recuritment rule. #No

                                                                                             Appointment has been made)

2.                  1995                      Promotees#

                                                   Direct recuits                   -do-


3.                  1996                      Promotees

                                                   Direct recuits                   -do-


4.                  1997                      Promotees

                                                   Direct recuits                   -do-


5.                  1998                      Promotees

                                                   Direct recuits                   -do-


6.                  1999                      Promotees

                                                   Direct recuits                   -do-


7.                  2000                      Promotees

                                                   Direct recuits#                 -do-


8.                  2001                      Promotees#

                                                   Direct recuits                   -do-


9.                  2002                      Promotees

                                                   Direct recuits#                 -do-



 NB:      10 numbers of direct recruits for the year 1993 had not inserted in the earlier lists which are taken into consideration for the year 1994 and the same are placed on the top.


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