NEW DELHI - 110048


F.No. 2-17/05-NVS (Estt.)                                           Dated: June 15 ,2005





The Deputy Commissioner,

All Regional Offices of the

Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti.


Sub: Duties & Responsibilities of Office Superintendent in Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya - reg.





          At present duties of House system and residential component in Vidyalayas are being looked after by the teachers in Navodaya Vidyalayas.  It has been frequently represented to the Samiti that this is causing excessive burden on the performance of teachers in the area of academics.  With a view to relieve teachers  from making physical arrangements for students in the hostels, it has been decided to assign following additional duties to Office Superintendents to make them responsible for activities relating to maintenance of hostels and buildings, procurement and distribution of articles to students and to maintain appropriate records:-


 i)                   To maintain stock and account register in respect of all stores, furnitures and equipments in the Vidyalaya including hostels.


ii)                   To make arrangement for proper issue of stores, uniform and other articles to students and to maintain proper records thereof.


iii)                   To make arrangements for proper security and maintenance of the Vidyalaya buildings including dormitories, Mess and other assets.


          The above duties are assigned to Office Superintendent in addition to duties and responsibilities notified vide Samiti letter No. 7-4/91-NVS(Estt.) dated 6.5.1991.(copy enclosed).  Office Superintendent will perform their duties under supervision and direction of Principal.  Office Superintendent will be assisted by the existing LDC/Storekeeper of the Vidyalaya in discharge of these duties.


          You are advised to ensure that all teachers are relieved of the above duties at the earliest. 


Yours faithfully,




(M.S. Khanna)

Deputy Commissioner (Admn.)


Copy for information to:


1.                   All Principals of JNVs.

2.                   All the Officers of the Headquarters office of the Samiti.

3.                   Finance & Accounts Wing of the Samiti.

4.                   Guard file.