NEW DELHI - 110048


F.No. 8-1/07-NVS (Admn.)                                                      Dated:         .08.2007




          The M/s.





Sub:   Comprehensive AMC of Computer Systems – Reg.




          Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti intend to award Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract of Laptop Computer, Desktop Computers, Printers (DMP/Deskjet), A4 Scanners, UPSs and other attached peripherals (hereafter all these items will be referred to Computer Systems) and invites suitable solutions to protect computer systems from various computer viruses, spy-ware, adware, e-spam threatening through internet or any other media installed at Samiti’s above mentioned Office premises.


          Interested firms who are in the filed of AMC of Computers for last 4 years and maintaining at least 50 Computer Systems of Govt. Organizations can quote their rates in a sealed cover.  The Quotation should be submitted alongwith Earnest Money as defined herein.  The quotation without Earnest Money will be summarily rejected.  Job Descriptions and other details are as under:


1.                 Job Descriptions


AMC of Computer Equipments


          The list of Computer Systems proposed for Comprehensive AMC is listed as per ANNEXURE – A.  The selected agency will also take necessary action / arrangement to maintain the existing LAN.  The status of computer systems are as in wherein basis.  The interested eligible parties may inspect all these systems in any official working days during 2.30 PM to 4.30 PM w.e.f. 01.9.2007 to 15.9.2007, after obtaining the permission from Assistant Commissioner (Gen. Admn.) in person.


          The selected Agency will carry out the service and maintenance of aforesaid equipment at NVS office premises and keep them in working condition.


          The selected Agency will also take care of softwares which are loaded on Computers, alongwith hardware.  In case of crash down, all softwares will have again to be loaded on computers by the selected Agency without any extra cost/ price and without loss of data available in System.


          The selected agency will take necessary action to bring the broken-down computer systems (if any) into working condition by replacing / upgrading the defective parts (including batteries of UPS and Printer head) by new parts.  The replaced spares-parts should be of some or higher version / specification, model and make in comparison to the old defective spares parts.  The replaced spare parts (old) such as HDD, FDD, CDROM, etc. as well as the new spares parts will be the property of Samiti.


Protective measures


i)                   The selected agency may quote their unit rates to provide / supply original, authentic and effective suitable Antivirus branded software developed by reputed companies (such as Norton Antivirus / e-trust / McAfee / AVG base on system configurations (HW / Operating SW) for computer Systems as detailed in Annexure – D.  Samiti may extend the supply order on need basis.  However the payment terms as contained herein.


ii)                 The selected agency will carry out various checks such as running the updated Anti-Virus SW, health of Drives (CD ROM Drive, Floppy Drive and Hard Disk Drives), etc. of all computer systems under AMC, once or twice in a month routinely in addition to attend the complaints registered by NVS. 


iii)              The selected agency will clean/dusting the Monitors, Key Boards, FDDs, CD ROM Drives, CPU, Printers, etc. routinely once-twice in a month at the office premises of NVS.  All the expenditure pertaining to dusting/Cleaning of the Computer Systems will be borne by the selected agency.


2.                 Instructions


a)                 The Firm/Agency can quote item rates/price in the price schedule attached at ANNEXURE – B for Comprehensive AMC as stated under Job Descriptions.


b)                  The Firm/Agency should enclose an Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) of Rs. 10,000/- (Rupees Ten Thousand only) through Demand Draft / Banker’s cheque of any Nationalized Bank drawn in favour of “Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti, New Delhi” payable at New Delhi failing which the quotation would be rejected.


c)                  In the case of agency/ies whose quotations are not considered for placing order, the Earnest Money Deposit will be refunded without any interest within two months of opening of quotations.  The sealed quotations should be submitted to Assistant Commissioner (Gen. Admn.),  Admn. Section, NVS before 25.9.2007 i.e. 3.00 PM.


d)                 The Quotations will be opened on 25.9.2007, at 5.00 PM at NVS, Hqrs. Office Premises by duly constituted Evaluation Committee of NVS in presence of the parties or their representatives, if desired so by them.


e)                 The quoted rates should be valid for a period of one year / one and half years from the date of placing the initial AMC order.


f)                   A duly constituted Evaluation Committee will shortlist the quotations on the basis of qualification criteria prescribed herein and also undertake possible visit to inspect the Agency’s Lab/working place, if considered necessary.  NVS reserves the right to bifurcate the total AMC into categorically (e.g. Desktop Computers, Printers & UPSs) and parts thereof, may be awarded to the other valued agency/ies at Item-wise lowest rates quoted by successful agency/ies.


g)                  The decision of NVS in the entire process will be final and no representation of any kind shall be entertained in the matter.


h)                 Any conditions mentioned by the firms/agencies will not be binding on NVS.  All the terms and conditions for the proposed AMC, payment terms, penalty etc. will be those mentioned herein and no change in the terms and conditions by the agency/ies will be acceptable.


i)                   Excise duty, Sales Tax, Service Tax, etc. as applicable should be inclusive in the quoted price.


j)                   NVS reserves the right of selecting the agency and also to cancel process of awarding said AMC on Technical and Administrative grounds.


3.                 Other related information


a)                 Orders will be placed on the finally selected tenders(s) / Agency.  The period of AMC panel will be valid for a period of 12 (twelve) months in the first instance.  It may be extended for a further period of maximum six months depending upon the need of NVS on the same terms & conditions.


b)                  In the event the Tender’s Firm or the concerned division of the Firm is taken over/brought over by another Firm/ Company, all the obligations under the agreement with NVS, should be passed on for compliance by the new Firm / Company in the negotiation for their transfer.


c)                  All panel agency/ies will have to submit written agreement with NVS for honoring all related aspects of this assignment and ensure fair trade practices in executing the AMC placed by NVS.


d)                 A copy of the Registration Certificate of the firm contains Regd. No. allotted in the Name of Tenderer by the concerned Authorities should be attached with the Quotation.  The latest available Income Tax Clearance Certificate alongwith proof of return submitted for the previous years should be given failing which the quotation would be rejected.


e)                 Within 2 days of receipt of the AMC order from NVS, the Tenderer shall furnish performance security of an amount equivalent to 10% of the Tender Price accepted by NVS for awarding of Comprehensive AMC of Computer Systems in the form of crossed demand draft of Bank Guarantee from Nationalized Banks in favour of Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti, New Delhi.  The security amount will be held by NVS initially for a period upto 2 months after completion of AMC period.  Non-fulfillment of any condition as per AMC Agreement shall entail to the said forfeiture of Security Deposit.


f)                   The proceeds of the performance security shall be payable to NVS as compensation over the above the penalty for any loss resulting from the AMC due to Agency’s failure to complete its obligations under this if required.


g)                  Agency/ies must quote for all the items as per details given in Annexure – A, failing which the tender would be rejected.


h)                 The selected agency will execute repairs/service of equipment on the same day of complaint being lodged either on oral basis and /or in writing at our premises.


i)                   Penalty :     A penalty of Rs. 100/- (Rupees One Hundred Only) per day per Computer System (Monitor/CPU/Keyboard/FDD/ HDD/MODEM/Mouse) or Computer Peripheral (Scanner, Printer and UPS) will be levied by NVS for non repairing/services of the equipment(s) within two (2) working days from the date of informing the firm.  If the said time limit of three days is exceeded the penalty will then accrue from the 2nd  day of informing firm till the Computer System or Computer Peripheral is made functional satisfactorily.


j)                   The AMC charges referred to above covers servicing, repairing and all spare parts excluding consumables Printer Ribbons / Ink Cartridges only.


k)                 The Samiti reserves the right to extend or enter upon fresh agreement on its own accord on expiry of validity of the contract.


 4.                 Payment Terms


The payment will be released to the Selected Firm on quarterly basis (on completion of each Quarter from the date of duly entered agreement) on production of pre-receipted bill, in triplicate, along with functioning certificate from the users as per term of AMC Agreement and after deducting the amount of penalty, (if any) and Income Tax at Source (TDS) as per provision of Income Tax Act.



5.                 Documents required to be attached with Quotation


Ø      The Original Quotation alongwith ANNEXURE – A, B,C and D duly completed in all respects;

Ø      An Earnest Money Deposit (EMD)as defined in para – 2(a)

Ø      Documentary proof regarding maintenance of AMC of Computer Systems in Government Sector having a minimum of 50 computers with a list duly indicating the full address of Office/s, concerned Officers/s with Telephone Nos., No. of Computers and Cost of works;

Ø      A performance statement, highlighting at least five largest contracts (with supporting documents) executed during the last two years of similar AMC jobs in ANNEXURE – C.

Ø      A copy of the Registration number of the Firm;

Ø      The latest available Income Tax Clearance Certificate along with proof of return submitted for the previous year(s);


In this connection, you are requested to submit your Quotation in a sealed envelope duly marked to the Assistant Commissioner (Gen. Admn.), Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti, A-28, Kailash Colony, New Delhi – 110048 and the same must reach to the undersigned at the latest by 25.9.2007, 5.00 PM.



Yours faithfully,


Enclosures: Annexures – (A), (B), (C ) and (D)


(A.K. Singhal)

Asstt. Commissioner (GA)






Name and  Address.


M/s.  Millanium Technologies PVT  LTD.

110, Gupta Apartments,

K – 138, Kalkaji, New Delhi – 110019.



India Infotech. Technologies,

184, Top Floor, Jeevan Nagar,

Ashram New Delhi –110014.



M/s. Paramersh informatics PVT LTD.,

B 2/6 Estt. Safdarjung Enclave,

New  Delhi –110029.



M/s. Mic Info Solutions PVT LTD.,

184, 3 rd Floor, Jeevan Nagar Opp. Maharani Bagh,

New Delhi –110014.



M/s. GCN Infotech.  PVT. LTD.,

B.O. 408, Red Rose Building 49-50 Nehru Place,

New Delhi – 110019.



M/s. Vineyak System PVT. LTD.,

74-A, Garhi, Opp. G.K. House,

Sant Nagar, Main Road,

East of Kailash, New Delhi.



M/s. Wipro Infotech,

Thapar House, 124 Janpath,

New Delhi – 110001



M/s. Kritike  Communication PVT. LTD.,

55 Parshant Appartment,

41, I.P. Extension  Delhi – 110002



M/s. Roots Infotech Solution  (P) LTD.,

C-7, South  Extension -  II

New Delhi – 110049.



M/s. Acumen  Solutions,

C-73 Greater  Kailash – I,

New Delhi – 110048.



M/s. Techno High Computers

88 A/1 1st Floor, Sarai Junena

New Delhi-110025



M/s. Vector Infosystem,

3/53 Nirmal Puri, Lajpat Nagar- IV,

New Delhi – 110024.



M/s. Techno  Ware System,

67, 2nd Floor, Arjun Nagar,

Opp. Safdarjung Enclave,

New Delhi – 110029.



M/s. Zion Computers PVT LTD.,

C-23 A Sanwal Nagar,

Sadiq Nagar Market, New Delhi – 110049. 



M/s.Aeps Professional,

E-7, Amar Colony, Lajpat Nagar,

New  Delhi –110024.



M/s. Creative Business Solutions,

3817, Ist Floor, East Patel Nagar,

New Delhi 110008.



M/s. Kay Ess Computers,

C-16 B, Ist Floor, Kalkaji,

New  Delhi – 110019.



M/s. Natcomp. Computer (P) LTD.,

U – 5 P.V. Plot – 52, Sector  09, Rohini,

New Delhi – 110085.       



M/s.  Ras System,

B-86 B, Basement, Kalkaji,

New Delhi – 110019.



M/s. A. Compu Web. India  PVT. LTD.,

B-8, Shakuntle, 59, Nehru Place,

New Delhi – 110019.



M/s. CCS Computers PVT. LTD.,

503, Ashok Bhawan, 93 Nehru Place,

New Delhi – 110019.



M/s. Prakher Infotech PVT. LTD.,

1710 Sohanganj,

Delhi  -  110007.



M/s. Aryans Infocom Pvt. Ltd.,

B-70, Flat No. 1, Shashi  Garden,

Mayur Vihar, Phase – I, Delhi – 110091.



M/s. BIPS  System Limited,

E – 261, Amar colony,

Lajpat Nagar – IV, New Delhi – 110024.



M/s.Futurtech India Inc.,

F-131/ 1, IInd Floor,

Pragati Bhawan ee 


Bhikaji Cama Place

New Delhi – 110 066



M/s. Macro Systems

201-210, 2nd Floor,

Chanakya Complex, B-10 – 11,

Laxmi Nagar, Delhi – 110 092 (India)