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F.No. 20-1/2008-NVS(Estt-II.)                                              November 18, 2008





          The Joint Secretary (SE)

          Govt. of India               

          Ministry of Human Resource Development

Deptt. Of School Education & Literacy

          Shastri Bhawan

          N E W   D E L H I.


SubRevision of Pay Scales of employees of NVS on the recommendations of Sixth Central Pay Commission




I am directed to refer to your letter No. 20-14/2008-UT-1 dated 3rd November, 2008 conveying approval to the extension of revised pay scales to the employees of the Samiti as per recommendations of the Sixth Central Pay Commission subject to the following conditions:-


1.                 The pattern of emoluments structure i.e. pay scales and all other allowances particularly DA, HRA, CCA are identical to corresponding categories of the Central Govt. employees.

2.                 In the case of anomaly in Pay Scale/Grade Pay in respect of any post, NVS may submit a proposal in respect of those categories of posts, which will be referred to a separate ‘Group of Officers’.

3.                 To grant Special Allowance @ 10% of the pay band and grade pay to teachers, Librarians and other Teaching Staff of NVS only.


The revised scales have been adopted in accordance with the rules of the Samiti with the approval of Executive Committee.



There are, however, certain anomalies in the pay scale/grade pay proposed by NVS and approved by the Department in respect of some posts which need reconsideration. Some of these anomalies are as under:-


1.                 Principal of JNV has been allowed a grade pay of Rs. 7600 in PB-3 whereas Assistant Commissioner, which is also a promotional post for Principal, has been given Grade Pay of Rs. 6600/- in the same Pay Band. As such the Assistant Commissioners who are supervising the work of Principals would be getting lesser pay than Principals. This is also contrary to the provisions contained Part-B of the Revised Pay Rules 2008 under which the pay scale of Principals has been fixed.


2.                 Though Librarians in the JNVs are teaching staff and should  have been granted pay scale/grade pay at par with TGTs under Part-B of the Revised Pay Rules, they have been equated with comparable non-teaching staff like Assistants and granted lower Grade Pay of Rs. 4200/- in PB-2. This is clearly discriminatory, keeping in view the fact that the Ministry itself has allowed special allowance of 10% to both teachers and Librarians, treating them to be teaching staff.


3.                 In the Revised pay scales as approved by the MHRD, Assistants and Section Officers have been placed in the same Pay Band with  identical Grade Pay of Rs. 4200/- since the pay scales of Assistants/Office Superintendents/Section Officers are  merged.  However, Section Officer is a promotional grade for Assistants/OS and they should have been given Grade Pay of Rs. 4800/- as provided in Revised Pay Rules. Similar anomaly exists in the case of Private Secretary also.


4.                 Assistant Engineer and Hindi Officer are entitled to Grade Pay of Rs. 4600/- by virtue of their qualifications and pre-revised pay scales as per provisions contained Section-1 of Part-B of Revised Pay Rules. They have, however, been allowed Grade Pay of Rs. 4200/- only thereby downgrading these posts.


5.                 Female Staff Nurse and Mess Staff working in the Vidyalayas are entitled to higher pay scale as per Section-II of Part-B of the Revised Pay Rules whereas they have been allowed lower pay scales/grade pay. This anomaly needs to be removed.


It is proposed that employees belonging to these categories should also be allowed higher pay scale/Grade Pay in accordance with Provisions of Central Civil Services (Revised Pay) Rules, 2008 considering the functional requirements and the nature of their duties and responsibilities in the residential system. Though the Ministry of HRD has extended revised pay scales as incorporated in Part-A of the Revised Pay Rules to most of the categories, the revised pay scales incorporated Part-B of the said schedule have been extended for teachers and Principals only. In view of this, there is no reason why some other categories which are being discriminated or being put to disadvantage due to merger of pay scales should also not be covered under the provisions of the said Rules.


A detailed proposal giving justification for grant of higher pay scale/Grade pay in respect of following categories of posts is enclosed for reconsideration of the Department:


    Headquarters / RO Staff

    Vidyalaya staff


·        Assistant Commissioner

·        Librarian

·        Section Officer

·        Staff Nurse

·        Private Secretary

·        Catering Assistant

·        Accounts Officer

·        Cook

·        Hindi Officer

·        Mess Helper

·        Assistant Engineer

·        Laboratory Attendant

·        Junior Engineer

·        Peon/Chowkidar

·        Legal Assistant


·        Peon / Chowkidar



With regard to grant of special allowance @ 10% of Pay Band and Grade Pay only to the teaching staff of the Samiti, it is submitted that JNVs are fully residential institutions where all the students and staff have to compulsory stay within the Vidyalaya campus. Normal routine of a Vidyalaya starts at 5.00 am in the Morning and activities continue till 10.30 pm in the evening. During this period not only the teaching staff but the entire mess staff i.e. Mess Helper, Cook and Catering Assistant, Staff Nurse, Electrician, Driver and other supporting staff have to be present in the Vidyalaya to take care of basic needs of the students. Other office staff also looks after the stores and mess items and their procurement in addition to their normal office duties. All the Vidyalaya staff have to work for seven days a week and are given only one weekly off. They are also not provided any compensatory off in lieu of working on holidays or any overtime or honorarium for putting in extra hours of duty. Considering their constant need in the Vidyalaya campus, they are provided residential accommodation within the Vidyalaya campus itself. They are, thus, an integral part of the system and cannot be differentiated from teaching staff with regard to their contribution in supporting and sustaining the   residential system. Keeping in view the nature of their duties and responsibility the Samiti had taken up the matter for providing higher pay scales to the employees in the Vidyalayas with the Sixth Central Pay Commission and the Department.


The above concern of the Samiti has also be appreciated by Sixth Central Pay Commission which has observed that the demand for higher pay scales appears justified specially as the teachers and staff working in these schools have to put in greater efforts vis-a-vis similar employees working in day schools (Para 7.21.3). In view of this, the Commission has recommended to the Government to consider grant of special allowance in these schools. It may be noted that the Commission, while making this recommendation to the Government, has not differentiated between the teaching and non-teaching staff working in JNVs but has definitely made a clear distinction between the staff working in residential JNVs and the similar employees working in day schools. Denial of special allowance to non-teaching staff working in JNVs would amount to equating them with similar employees working in day schools and thus they would not be adequately compensated for putting in higher hours of work every day of the week as compared to the staff working in day schools. This would clearly de-motivate the staff and create considerable resentment which cannot be afforded in a unique and prestigious residential system like NVS.  In view of this, it is requested that the decision of the Government to grant special allowance only to teaching staff may kindly be reconsidered and this allowance may be extended to all the regular employees working in JNVs.


It is requested that the proposals for removing anomalies in the pay scale/Grade Pay in respect of some posts as detailed above and grant of special allowance to non-teaching staff of the NVS, may kindly be considered favorably at an early date.



Yours faithfully,


Encl. As above


(M. S. Khanna)

Joint Commissioner (Pers.)